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Check out this painting by the talented Michael Calandra

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Playboy Video

Here are a few clips from my Playboy video during my earlier modeling days with them.

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Happy Sunday!

Did everyone gain 10 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday?  I hope so! hee hee …
Uploading new Digital Download items this week.  In the mantime, enjoy this flashback video … Happy Sunday!

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Cement Injections for a Bigger Booty?? WHAT??

This is very sad the lengths people will go to get a certain look.  Hopefully others will learn from this horrific story not to mess around with what mother nature gave them.

Here’s the story from Outbreak News below.

A woman paid $700 to a Miami Gardens tranny for a butt augmentation. The yet unidentified woman was unfortunately injected with a dangerous concoction of cement, glue and tire sealant. It was then sealed with super glue.

The “cosmetic procedure” was performed not in a clinic, but at a residence in Miami Gardens.

The result, as you can imagine, was disastrous. The woman ended up with a MRSA wound site infection and a case of pneumonia.

Police arrested 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris (pictured) for practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily harm.

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Usually the injected substance is caulk or industrial-grade silicone. Of course, none of these items are approved for use anywhere in the body and usually result in serious infections and sometimes death.

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Go on without me! I’ll be here ..

“Go on without me!  I’ll be here …” – Natasha Yi

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Get Your TUG On!

Get your ‘tug’ on!! LMAO

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Someone is watching

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you? 😛

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FHM Magazine

Here’s a look at another one of my magazine covers featuring the ‘assets’.  LOL  😛

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Laugh A Lot … and then again!

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Tessa & Miss Tickles Fan Page

Please give a dog a bone … LIKE her new facebook page!

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Laugh A Lot

“Laugh a lot, and when you’re older, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.”

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“We all need balance in our lives.”

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What Each Kiss Means

–  Kiss on the Stomach: I’m  ready.

–  Kiss on the Forehead: I missed you…

–  Kiss on the Cheek: Long time no see…

–  Kiss on the Hand: You’re mine!

–  Kiss on the Neck: I want to be with you…

–  Kiss on the Shoulder: You mean so much…

–  Kiss on the Lips: I love you


–  Holding Hands: You’re mine.

–  Touching on the Butt: This is mine!

–  Holding you tight pressed against each other: Don’t let go…

–  Looking into each others Eyes: I trust you!

–  Playing with Hair: Let’s fool around.

–  Arms around the Waist: Be close to me.

–  Laughing while Kissing: You are perfect with me!

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American Curves

A few pages from my first layout with American Curves.  Look out for a brand new feature next month!


“Intimacy in a relationship is about making someone feel completely free to trust.  It’s about making you laugh and feel special.” – Natasha Yi

“Sexy men have strong hands, big hearts and a sense of humor.” – Natasha Yi

“A sensual woman knows that she is confident with herself and good at what she does.” – Natasha Yi

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I’ve been FRAMED!

“I’ve been framed!” – Miss Tickles

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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Playboy Magazine: My Very First Modeling Gig

Here’s a scan from the pages of Playboy Magazine.  This was my very first modeling gig during my senior year in highschool.  I’ll scan a few more pages and post them later.

Many of you know how I started modeling.  Here’s Part 1 of my interview and quick look at some of the modeling I’ve worked on. Watch the entire episode at

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I found Miss Tickles’ cousin!

I found Miss Tickles’ cousin!!!!!!

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The 5 Rudest Things You Can Do To Someone Else’s Food

Yahoo’s food section has a list of the ten rudest things people do when they eat. Some are standards, like double-dipping and chewing with your mouth open. But there are also a few things you probably wouldn’t think of . . .


#1.)SPLITTING SOMETHING, THEN TAKING THE BIGGEST HALF. If you’re the one cutting the food in half, you don’t get to choose which half is yours. You have to offer both halves to the other person and let THEM choose.

–If you made a fair cut down the middle, it shouldn’t matter to you if they pick first.

#2.) ASKING FOR THE FIRST OR LAST BITE OF ANYTHING. If you do, don’t expect to get it. The first and last bites of a meal are the only ones that are sacred.

#3.) STEALING CHEESE OFF THE PIZZA. When the cheese from another slice gets stuck to yours and leaves a naked dough triangle behind, it’s your responsibility to put that cheese back. But cheese that oozes into the MIDDLE of the pizza is fair game.

#4.) SAMPLING CHOCOLATES IN THE BOX. Every box of chocolates has a certain type with a certain filling you don’t like. But if you bite into one by mistake, DON’T PUT IT BACK. Either choke it down, find someone else to eat it, or throw it away.

#5.) TAKING A CRUSTLESS BITE OUT OF SOMEONE ELSE’S SANDWICH. If someone hands you half a sandwich, and they expect to get it BACK, don’t bite the middle. First of all, there’s something about it that’s just nasty.

–But also, it’s everybody’s favorite bite. The part with no crust. And if someone’s nice enough to offer you a bite of their sandwich, don’t help yourself to the best part.

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My dog, Miss Tickles, almost does the exact same thing as this dog!

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Import Tuner Magazine

FLASH BACK:  the O.G. Import Tuner Magazine

I found a box of magazines I’ve been on the cover of, from my earlier days of modeling. Here’s a little collage from my Import Tuner magazine cover. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my import scene! <3

*If you have my original Import Tuner magazine in your collection, take a photo of yourself holding this magazine. Email the photo to I will pick someone to feature on this website as my Best Friend of the Month!

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Google +

Who’s on Google +?  Add my new account!  Here’s an easy url to remember:

photo by Alex Ardenti

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People Behaving Badly

Be sure to TiVo, DVR, or just watch 20/20 for an interview with my good friend, Stanley Roberts, talking about the rant from this sassy driver! Watch it this Friday!  #TeamStanleyRoberts



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Complex Magazine: Rides Girl

Be sure to check out Complex Magazine for my feature in their “Rides Girl” story. 🙂

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Six Things You Shouldn’t Reveal on a First Date

It’s important to be honest in a relationship.  But if you’re too honest too soon, it can kill your chances of STARTING a relationship.  So here’s a list of six things you’re not supposed to reveal on a first date . . . according to Rich Goose, the chairman for something called the Society of Single Professionals.  

#1 –  Your Age.  It’s rude for the other person to ask . . . especially if they’re a guy . . . so he probably won’t.  And you don’t have to offer it up either.  If you’re slightly older than they think you are, it probably won’t matter by date four or five.

But according to Goose, quote, “Every man has a number in his head.”  And if he finds out too early that you’re older than he thinks you are, he might write you off.

#2 –  That You’re Unemployed.
  If they ask what you do, it’s okay to say you’re between jobs, and downplay it as much as you can.  A LOT of people are out of work right now, but it’s obviously still a big red flag on a first date.

#3 –  An Illness.
  There’s no reason to talk about your health problems on a first date, or even a second date.  And if your problems are so severe that they’re life-changing, maybe you shouldn’t be dating new people just yet.

#4 – An Addiction.  If you’re a smoker, go ahead and tell them, because they’ll find out anyway.  But you definitely shouldn’t mention you come from a long line of alcoholics.

#5 – That You’ve Cheated on Someone.  On a first date, it’s best to not talk about your exes AT ALL.  So definitely don’t mention that you slept around on someone.  Even if the other person was unfaithful FIRST, you’ll still look like a chronic cheater.

#6 – That You Want to Get Married Soon.
  If you’re a guy, it MIGHT scare her off.  If you’re a woman, it’ll DEFINITELY scare him off.

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5 Things You Should Never Talk About in a Wedding Toast

Here’s a list of the top five topics you should NEVER talk about in a wedding toast.

#1 – The Bride or Groom’s Past Relationships. Don’t do it, even if you’re saying something nice. Comparing your friend’s new spouse to some reject from five years ago might get a laugh. But it also might make things uncomfortable.

Someone’s wedding day should be about their NEW relationship, not their old ones.

#2 – Money. That includes saying something nice like, “Wow, this must have cost a FORTUNE!” The thing is, if it LOOKS like it cost a fortune, it did. And at least one person in the room is probably stressed about it.

So leave the money aspect out of the toast, and just talk about how BEAUTIFUL the wedding is.

#3 – Hard Times in the Bride and Groom’s Relationship. A lot of people want their toast to be funny, which is fine. But make sure it’s a toast, not a ROAST. If they broke up ten times before they finally got engaged, leave that detail out.

#4 – Your Own Failed Marriage. There’s no way to bring it up without embarrassing yourself. It just makes you seem kind of pathetic.

#5 – Backhanded Compliments. People do this all the time: They’re just joking, but they say something like, “Wow, I can’t believe someone like JERRY landed someone like YOU.”

JERRY might think it’s funny. But HER side of the family might be offended, because you’re suggesting she just married a loser.

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Five Things You Should Do While You’re Single has a list of things you should do while you’re SINGLE.  And each thing is sort of designed to help you in your NEXT relationship.  Here are the top five . . .

#1.)  TRAVEL ALONE. It helps you build self-confidence, because you have to make every decision yourself.  And learning to be more independent can help you in your next relationship, because being TOO dependant on other people can be a turn off.

#2.)  STAY OUT ALL NIGHT. Just not EVERY night.  But you have to be a LITTLE wild when you’re single, or you’ll regret it. Because once you’re with someone again, you won’t be ABLE to do whatever you want.


#3.)  LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. So, if your ex was the one who did all the cooking and cleaning, don’t become a slob once you’re single.

#4.)  SPEND A WEEKEND WITH A MARRIED COUPLE YOUR OWN AGE. says spending 48 hours with a real couple will remind you that relationships aren’t perfect.  And then you won’t rush into a BAD one.

–And if your friends come off like some kind of perfect DREAM couple . . . don’t be fooled, and rush into another relationship even FASTER.  Because people are usually on their best behavior when they have visitors.

#5.)  STAY SINGLE FOR AT LEAST THREE MONTHS. According to, that’s how long you need to really process a break-up.  Otherwise, your next relationship won’t be any better.

–It shouldn’t really be a RULE though, because you might meet someone TOMORROW.  But the point is, if you just hop from one relationship to the next, you won’t give yourself enough time to reflect on why your last relationship failed.


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5 Signs you might live to be 100


Not everyone lives to be 100 years old, but more people are making it to the century mark today than ever before.Think you’ve got a shot?Here are five signs you might live to be 100 …

#1.)YOU DON’T SNORE.Snoring’s a sign of sleep apnea, which means you stop breathing because your throat tissue collapses and blocks your airway.Sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, memory problems, weight gain, and depression.

—And an 18-year study found that people who DON’T have sleep apnea live longer.

#2.)YOU’RE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY.According to a Swedish study of 500 men and women, outgoing people are 50 percent LESS likely to develop dementia.And outgoing people also tended to describe themselves as “not easily stressed.”

#3.)YOU RUN FOR 40 MINUTES A DAY.Researchers at Stanford University tracked runners and non-runners for 21 years and found that middle-aged people who run for a total of five hours a week live longer and function better physically as they age.

#4.)YOU FEEL YOUNG.People who live to be 100 years old tend to FEEL younger than they ARE.According to experts, feeling YOUTHFUL makes you more optimistic, more motivated, and more able to overcome challenges.

—All those things reduce stress, boost your immune system, and lower your risk of disease.

#5.)YOU USE TECHNOLOGY.According to an annual poll of people over the age of 100, many of the oldest people in America send e-mail, Google old friends, and even DATE online.And research shows that using technology keeps you mentally sharp and socially engaged.

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Flashback on TPIR

Flashback photos from my days on The Price is Right. 😀 Enjoy!

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