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How To Get Out Of The FRIENDZONE…

I have a weekly feature where I give advice on my new site IMYAGirl.com
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Don Jon

Find this photo in a new movie out in theaters right now called Don Jon!  You can get a life size version of this poster here ~> http://www.ltlprints.com/natasha/

My Broken Heart

It was this time one year ago that the little love of my life, Miss Tickles, died from several complications at 10 and a half.

I was a wreck for a long time.  I didn’t know you could love a doggie so much.  I would have never ever thought about getting another dog but it was obvious that my other dog Tessa was depressed from the passing as well.  They grew up together their entire lives.  Not only was she depressed she developed diabetes and cushings disease.  I’m not a doctor but I feel like she got this from her sadness.
In December I finally decided “okay, maybe a puppy will bring some joy back into our hearts.”  We got Dexter.  And, it seemed to really help Tessa a lot.  She has done really well, except for the past month where she seemed to have been slowing down a bit.  I wasn’t real concerned.  I just figured she is getting a little older.  So when she didn’t feel like walking up the stairs I would carry her.  If she didn’t want to finish her walk I would carry her.

Then this morning she couldn’t really get up.  I gave her some honey in case her blood sugar was low.  I tried giving her treats, she didn’t want it.  She wouldn’t drink.  Then she wouldn’t even lift her head for me. Suddenly she started breathing really heavy and I got this horrible sickness in my stomach.

I picked her up and put her in the car and was driving as fast as I can to the E.R.  I looked over and she was losing consciousness.  I screamed at her , “No don’t go to sleep!” She looked a couple of times when I yelled at her.  I started shaking her and begging her not to go.  The last time, when she looked at me, her eyes rolled back in her head and turned grey.

I ran screaming to the E.R. attendants.  They rushed out and got her.  I couldn’t talk because I was hysterical.  They said she would be okay.  When they came out they said “we’re sorry, we did all we could.”

As I’m writing this, I can’t believe this has happened again.  I have cried and cried all day, since this started at 8:30 this morning.  When I kissed her goodbye, I knew she was going to be with her sister and best friend.  But that thought is still not strong enough to erase this pain.

If you haven’t heard about the details from Miss Tickles passing, you can read it here.


Tessa was a Giant’s fan



Tessa even learned to drive. My heart will never mend. :*(

If you haven’t heard about the details from Miss Tickles passing, you can read it here.

Dexter’s first webcam appearance!

I’d like you to meet the new addition to my family .. Dexter! 🙂 I’m so in love!!


Posted by Natasha Yi on Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Off That Bridge!

Here’s an amazing photo from last night’s thunder storm in San Francisco. Photographer Phil McGrew captured 8 bolts of lightning that struck the Bay Bridge at the same time! YES! This is a REAL photo!!

To the world you may be one person …

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Natasha Yi : NC – 17

A wet shirt without a bra?  Personally, I consider that PG-13 … but I think the majority would say it’s NC-17 .. so please be aware that the following video contains footage of my shirt wet without a bra .. ok .. ok …

The Five Most Common Sleep Positions and What They Say About Your Personality

These things always seem like nonsense, but according to Men’s Health, the position you sleep in at night could reveal certain things about your personality.

–Researchers surveyed 1,000 people and watched them sleep.  Here are the five most common positions, and what they mean.


#1.)  The Fetus Position. It’s the most popular position, and 41% of the people who were studied prefer it.  Here’s what it means:

–If you sleep on your side, people think you’re tough, but you’re actually shy and sensitive.  And it might take a while before you warm up to strangers, but once you know them you’re much more relaxed.

–There’s also one health concern:  If you sleep on your LEFT side, it can put stress on your liver, stomach, and lungs.  So sleeping on your right side is better.

#2.)  Sleeping on Your Side, But Not Curling Up. It means you’re social and easygoing.  But you also tend to trust people too much, so you’re easy to take advantage of.

#3.)  The Yearner Position. It’s when you sleep on your side with both arms out in front of you . . . kind of the way Frankenstein looks when he walks . . . and it means you’re open to new things, but also suspicious and cynical.

–It takes you a long time to make decisions.  But once you do, you don’t change your mind very easily.

#4.)  Sleeping on Your Stomach. People who sleep on their stomach with their hands above their head are good at making quick decisions . . . but sometimes that results in BAD decisions.  And they tend to take criticism personally.

#5.)  The Soldier Position. It’s when you sleep on your back with your arms out at your sides, and your legs slightly spread.  If that’s you, then according to the study you’re quiet and reserved, but you expect a lot out of yourself and others.

–And there’s also a good chance you snore, since sleeping on your back makes it harder to breathe.  You’ll sleep better . . . and so will the person next to you . . . if you flip over and sleep on your stomach.

–Plus, sleeping on your stomach is better for digestion.

Broken Wrist (YAZOOK’s Black Metal)

Here’s another YAZOOK exclusive episode of BLACK METAL! Watch it all on YAZOOK.com!

“Natasha has experienced a lot of things in her life.  She has never experienced a broken bone…until now.  Natasha broke her wrist.  After the last episode of Black Metal: Red Hoodie, a lot of people started to wonder if JV had something to do with it.  Maybe it was an act of revenge.  Here is the true story.”

Special thank you to: 

San Francisco Fire Department Station 8
Edward Diao, M.D.
Tony Chu


What’s your favorite cereal?



“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

Laugh <3 Smile <3 Love

Laugh <3 Smile <3 Love   .. have a fantastic week!

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe

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Once A Month …

“This is the face that shows up once a month.  If you see this face, don’t ask me what’s wrong. Just leave me alone or sometimes ice cream helps.” -Natasha Yi

The Price Is Right

Here are a few clips from one of the Million Dollar Spectacular Specials for TPIR. I’ll post more from other shows later.


Here’s an exclusive preview to the premiere episode of Natasha Yi-Tube’s “MIND RIGHT, GRIND RIGHT” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on http://Yazook.com


Natasha loves to eat. Ninety-nine percent of her Tweets and Instagram posts deal with food. So when a big magazine calls asking to do a photo shoot, Natasha occasionally finds herself back in front of the mirror saying, “Uh oh…I’m not in shape to shoot.” Luckily, she lives by the motto, “If your mind is right, and your grind is right, you can do anything!”


Check out this painting by the talented Michael Calandra

Happy Sunday!

Did everyone gain 10 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday?  I hope so! hee hee …
Uploading new Digital Download items this week.  In the mantime, enjoy this flashback video … Happy Sunday!

Men are from Mars

A woman will do things for her man because making him happy makes her happy.
A woman wants you to do things for her ONLY if you WANT to do it for her.
A woman just wants to know the truth.
A woman will do what it takes to get things done.

A man will do things for his lady because he doesn’t want to get in trouble.
A man wants you to do things for him because that’s what he wants.
A man just wants to feel good.
A man wants convenience.

Broken Wrist Journal: Au Naturel!

My bionic arm has finally turned au naturel! Here’s a quick clip of the last 2 pins getting yanked out of my wrist. By the way, there was nothing given for the pain here.  Stay tuned for the full length story how this all happened … next week on YAZOOK!

I Like Water Bras!

I like water bras!  What can I say . . .  😛  Have a great weekend!

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Gearing up for Halloween

They LOVE dressing up! LOL … They do!! I swear! …they just don’t know it yet. 😛

Broken Wrist Journal: Coming back with a FURY!!

No, I’m not a PRO BOWLER – it’s a NEW SPLINT. I’m coming back from this injury with a fury!

Tongue Action

I’m told I have a long tongue. Hmmm… I don’t think it’s that long. Do you?


5 Most Unhealthy Halloween Candies

If you’re picking out your Halloween candy this week, Reader’s Digest has a list of the unhealthiest Halloween candies you can buy. Obviously, ALL candy is bad for you, but here are the top five.

And remember, the recommended daily limit for processed sugar in a 2,000 calorie diet is about 40 grams, or between 100 and 150 calories. That’s about eight teaspoons.

#1 – Twizzlers – They don’t have much fat, but they’re basically just sugar . . . which turns to fat in your body if you don’t burn it off. And one Twizzler has about 35 calories and five grams of sugar.
#2 – Fun-Sized Butterfingers – Each one has 45 calories, and two grams of fat. So if you have four of them and weigh 150 pounds, you’d have to walk about 30 minutes to burn it off.

#3 – Fun-Sized Baby Ruth – Just one has upwards of 80 calories, four grams of fat, and 10 grams of sugar. It’s mostly because of the chocolate-and-peanuts combo.

#4 – Fun-Sized Mounds – They’re dark chocolate and have coconut filling, which might SOUND healthier. But one bar has 4.5 grams of fat, 7 grams of sugar, and 80 calories.

#5 – Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins – They’re the Halloween version of Peanut Butter Cups, and they’re probably the worst.
*Instead of two small pieces, you get one big one that has 180 calories, 16 grams of sugar, and 11 grams of fat.
*The peanut butter is the main reason it’s so bad. And just to put it in perspective, if you eat two of them, that’s 60 more calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Reasons Why He/She Dumped You


According to the latest issue of “Women’s Health” magazine, there are THREE reasons why women break up with men.  They are:

#1.) He changed

#2.) They were no longer compatible as a couple

#3.) And he cheated

-But, according to a writer over at Yahoo Shine, there are 11 different reasons why men break up with women.  They are:

#1.) He got bored

#2.) One person was more serious about the relationship than the other

#3.) He burned out on the relationship

#4.) He was tempted to cheat

#5.) All his friends broke up with their girlfriends

#6.) Their lives were moving in different directions

#7.) He was feeling selfish

#8.) He misread his own feelings

#9.) His friends or family didn’t like her

#10.) He was starting to take her for granted

#11.) She was too negative

#12.) . . . or . . .  😛

Pregnant NUDE Photos Hot or Not?

Do you think magazine covers and photos of pregnant women are hot or not?

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