Fifth Harmony

I was SO happy today & SO proud of my lil sis Dinah Jane & her girls from her group FifthHarmony … taking a quick pix with Dexter while they visit San Francisco. Be on the lookout for this hot group! They’re rising to stardom!!

I may need a Bandaid

I reckon I may need a bandaid …

I don’t think it’s THAT noticeable, do you? 😛

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Behind the Scene

Found some behind the scene photos from my shoot .. not that long ago lol … with super talented & gorgeous model turned photographer, Lisa Boyle. 🙂

Can you guess??

Can you guess which ones are cardboard cutouts, if any, or none at all?

Behind the scene on Yazook’s Who Makes It?

My back tats

My back tats … top one is my astrological sign, Aries on a Pisces Cusp. I got the wings on the bottom of my back right after I learned how to ride my motorcycle in San Francisco. I crossed the Golden Gate bridge on my 800 pound big dog. I felt like I earned my wings! 😉

American Cheese Anyone?

Good Friends Are Like Stars ….

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there!” – old saying

1 Girl Lingerie Flash Mob!

Follow the One Girl Lingerie Flash Mob!!!


“Don’t judge me based on the messy room.  A girl must lay it all out to get ready on time! LOL” – Natasha Yi


“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”   — Marilyn Monroe





Cuban Vacation

I need a Cuban vacation … 

Flashback on TPIR

Flashback photos from my days on The Price is Right. 😀 Enjoy!

Broken Wrist Journal: Au Naturel!

My bionic arm has finally turned au naturel! Here’s a quick clip of the last 2 pins getting yanked out of my wrist. By the way, there was nothing given for the pain here.  Stay tuned for the full length story how this all happened … next week on YAZOOK!

Behind the scene on 187 Video Game

Here are a few behind the scene photos from a video game shoot where I play a female gangster.


Leaving The Country

I’m leaving the country!  If you haven’t watched my docu-video, it’s time to watch it now!  Hope to see you in your town!!!!


RIP Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper was a true Hollywood badass through and through.  Actor, director, and writer died yesterday after his long battle with prostate cancer.  He was 74.   My heart goes out to his family.  He was a legend … a true gentleman, brilliant actor, and an inspiration to all.  Dennis Hopper will not be forgotten. R.I.P.

Would anyone like some Yellowtail?

Yellowtail has to be one of my favorite restaurants in the U.S.   What are some of your favorite restaurants?

O Christmas Tree!  O Christmas Tree!

My Virgin Experience

Follow me on my Virgin America flight. Playing around with my new Nikon D90 camera. Is there ever really a point? No, there’s none at all. 😛

Nude Beach Lovin . . .

I had a great shoot yesterday with my dear friend and one of my favorite photographers, the amazing Tony Chu!

I said let’s shoot by the ‘ROCKS’ with a ‘R’ not a ‘C’!  😛
There’s something that just doesn’t seem right about this picture.. oh yea.. we were shooting at a nude beach.

And finally . . .





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