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I may need a Bandaid

I reckon I may need a bandaid …

I don’t think it’s THAT noticeable, do you? 😛

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Who Makes It? (YAZOOK 2.0)

We explore what makes a video like ours. Is it the subject, Natasha Yi? Or is it the editing by JV?

Special thanks to Joseph Saavedra, ‘Boss’ Leo Manalo, & Jackson Arms

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Hate Your Driving (YAZOOK’s Black Metal)

Watch Black Metal’s HATE YOUR DRIVING preview!

“San Francisco is home to two of the world’s most famous bridges. The streets are steep and congested. Many drivers do not take this danger this presents lightly — EXCEPT NATASHA YI !”

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RED HOODIE (Yazook’s Black Metal)


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“JV has been wearing the same thing for years – a RED HOODIE. Natasha hates it. She has tried to change his style since they met. Watch as she confronts him yet again. After getting no where, Natasha takes matters (the red hoodie) into her own hands!!”

Broken Wrist (YAZOOK’s Black Metal)

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“Natasha has experienced a lot of things in her life.  She has never experienced a broken bone…until now.  Natasha broke her wrist.  After the last episode of Black Metal: Red Hoodie, a lot of people started to wonder if JV had something to do with it.  Maybe it was an act of revenge.  Here is the true story.”

Special thank you to: 

San Francisco Fire Department Station 8
Edward Diao, M.D.
Tony Chu

The Boof Bandit (YAZOOK PROMO)

Watch Black Metal’s THE BOOF BANDIT preview!

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“On the way to breakfast, Natasha complains about a problem she is having with her nose. She explains to JV that someone recently “boofed” next to her. It was so bad that her nose got damaged. JV and Natasha call really bad farts “boofs,” because they believe the person farting must be carrying around something more than s*@t.”


A Million Photos – Part 1 (YAZOOK’s Yi-Tube)

Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi-Tube’s “A Million Photos – Part 1” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on

Natasha has been a model for as long as she can remember. As a model, you tend to get asked the same interview questions over, and over, and over again. So because of this, at times, Natasha will turn into a monster. Part one of “A Million Photos” will give fans, new and old, a brief look at part of Natasha’s modeling history.

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