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Thank you all who support The Dog House by listening everyday. We have some exciting news that we will share with you soon.

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Dog House Talk Show

I am excited to announce that I have officially joined The Dog House talk show on Talk 910 (San Francisco bay area) or on the i-HeartRadio app (worldwide). Not only will I join the show as an on-air host, I will executive produce the show. We have big plans, including getting the show carried on other media outlets as well as in other markets.

The production company that I co-own, along with my co-host, JV, called Yazook, LLC, has also signed a major production deal with i-HeartMedia to develop television programming for networks, film projects and online content. More to come in 2016! Please visit our new site at is BACK!

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Up Late Again: Seth Rogen

Thank you all who supported & shared the first episode of ‘Up Late Again’! We have a lot of cool things coming…thank you for being part of this new adventure with us!  Pass it along~>


Natasha Yi has JV ‘Up Late Again’ because she wants to talk about meeting and Interviewing Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg for their new movie THE INTERVIEW out Dec. 25th.

Ironman Magazine’s Swimsuit Issue

Guess who was asked to shoot for Ironman Magazine’s swimsuit issue again! 🙂 Be sure to pick up your issue on newsstands now!



I co-wrote/produced/directed this latest project!


A married couple has a disagreement about whether or not to give their puppy Doritos. The wife insists on giving it to him because she wants to teach him things. Was it a good idea? Watch and find out.

After Midnight

YazookProjects: Black & Orange

Watch our latest project called BLACK & ORANGE at

Every City has a unique vibration…a collective energy that is in the air from the lives of past and present.  This project started off with us just trying to capture some historic landmarks and aesthetically pleasing scenery.  It ended with us shooting several hours of footage because we got caught up in the city’s vibration.  That vibe is what attracts so many misfits and their dreams.  If other cities are sleeping under a dark cloud of hatred, this one is the CONVERSE.  This City is wide awake, dreaming in the Giant Spirit of tolerance. And right now, win or lose, it is bonded by the colors, “Black & Orange.”


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YazookProjects: ANGEL’S Pill

Watch our second YP project release, ANGEL’S PILL.

YazookProjects: BLONDIE

Yazook is now YAZOOK PROJECTS! YP will be the collaborative undertakings of JV and I. Please visit

Watch the original episodes at

Watch our first project, BLONDIE!

Who Makes It? (YAZOOK 2.0)

We explore what makes a video like ours. Is it the subject, Natasha Yi? Or is it the editing by JV?

Special thanks to Joseph Saavedra, ‘Boss’ Leo Manalo, & Jackson Arms

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PORTFOLIO: Acting Quick Clips

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 Full Acting Showreel coming soon … in the meantime, here are some quick clips.

Hate Your Driving (YAZOOK’s Black Metal)

Watch Black Metal’s HATE YOUR DRIVING preview!

“San Francisco is home to two of the world’s most famous bridges. The streets are steep and congested. Many drivers do not take this danger this presents lightly — EXCEPT NATASHA YI !”

Watch the entire episode at

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RED HOODIE (Yazook’s Black Metal)


Here’s an exclusive preview to the latest episode at YAZOOK! Be sure to watch all the episodes at!

“JV has been wearing the same thing for years – a RED HOODIE. Natasha hates it. She has tried to change his style since they met. Watch as she confronts him yet again. After getting no where, Natasha takes matters (the red hoodie) into her own hands!!”

PORTFOLIO: Covers & Press

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PORTFOLIO: Modeling Demo

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VIEW ZED CARD  /                    VIEW CREDITS  /                    VIEW BOOK  /                       / COVER & PRESS  /

The Price Is Right

Here are a few clips from one of the Million Dollar Spectacular Specials for TPIR. I’ll post more from other shows later.


Here’s an exclusive preview to the premiere episode of Natasha Yi-Tube’s “MIND RIGHT, GRIND RIGHT” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on


Natasha loves to eat. Ninety-nine percent of her Tweets and Instagram posts deal with food. So when a big magazine calls asking to do a photo shoot, Natasha occasionally finds herself back in front of the mirror saying, “Uh oh…I’m not in shape to shoot.” Luckily, she lives by the motto, “If your mind is right, and your grind is right, you can do anything!”

Rukus Magazine Cover Shoot (Yazook’s Natasha Yi-Tube)


Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi-Tube’s “Rukus Magazine Cover Shoot” on the YAZOOK network. Watch more episodes on

Wet-t video and more photos will be available here soon!  Stay tuned!

“Natasha is on the cover of another magazine!!! Most photo shoots take place in a studio. However, some of the best photos happen when you shoot “gorilla style.” Here is a look at Natasha in a bikini, lingerie and a wet t-shirt!”

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