I co-wrote/produced/directed this latest project!


A married couple has a disagreement about whether or not to give their puppy Doritos. The wife insists on giving it to him because she wants to teach him things. Was it a good idea? Watch and find out.

IRONMAN Magazine

Be sure to pick up the current issue of Ironman Magazine where you will find me in a 5 page spread for the Swimsuit Special!  On newsstands now!  Here’s a preview.



Leaving The Country

I’m leaving the country!  If you haven’t watched my docu-video, it’s time to watch it now!  Hope to see you in your town!!!!



HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!  Be sure to pick up my latest magazine cover on newsstands NOW!!

LIVE Chatroom!

Follow the countdown til the next show on my brand new streaming video/audio chatroom! I am SOOOO excited and can’t wait!! I will also post the direct line, so you can call me LIVE during my show! WOO HOOO!!!!!

View the chatroom and mini video update by clicking on this link:

*Don’t forget you must fulfill your initial 30 day trial on the site before you gain access to the live chats*

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