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Souls of Fray

Natasha Yi : NC – 17

A wet shirt without a bra?  Personally, I consider that PG-13 … but I think the majority would say it’s NC-17 .. so please be aware that the following video contains footage of my shirt wet without a bra .. ok .. ok …


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

Laugh <3 Smile <3 Love

Laugh <3 Smile <3 Love   .. have a fantastic week!

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe

It’s a BABY!!! (Yazook Internet TV)

Natasha & JV have a new baby in their life. The question is, is Natasha ready to breast feed and care for a baby herself?

Watch it all on!

The Price Is Right

Here are a few clips from one of the Million Dollar Spectacular Specials for TPIR. I’ll post more from other shows later.


Here’s an exclusive preview to the premiere episode of Natasha Yi-Tube’s “MIND RIGHT, GRIND RIGHT” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on


Natasha loves to eat. Ninety-nine percent of her Tweets and Instagram posts deal with food. So when a big magazine calls asking to do a photo shoot, Natasha occasionally finds herself back in front of the mirror saying, “Uh oh…I’m not in shape to shoot.” Luckily, she lives by the motto, “If your mind is right, and your grind is right, you can do anything!”

Playboy Video

Here are a few clips from my Playboy video during my earlier modeling days with them.

Happy Sunday!

Did everyone gain 10 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday?  I hope so! hee hee …
Uploading new Digital Download items this week.  In the mantime, enjoy this flashback video … Happy Sunday!

Get Your TUG On!

Get your ‘tug’ on!! LMAO


My dog, Miss Tickles, almost does the exact same thing as this dog!

People Behaving Badly

Be sure to TiVo, DVR, or just watch 20/20 for an interview with my good friend, Stanley Roberts, talking about the rant from this sassy driver! Watch it this Friday!  #TeamStanleyRoberts



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Halloween Costumes for Pets PSA

I Like Water Bras!

I like water bras!  What can I say . . .  :P   Have a great weekend!

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Rukus Magazine Cover Shoot (Yazook’s Natasha Yi-Tube)


Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi-Tube’s “Rukus Magazine Cover Shoot” on the YAZOOK network. Watch more episodes on

Wet-t video and more photos will be available here soon!  Stay tuned!

“Natasha is on the cover of another magazine!!! Most photo shoots take place in a studio. However, some of the best photos happen when you shoot “gorilla style.” Here is a look at Natasha in a bikini, lingerie and a wet t-shirt!”

September BFOTM: Julez


I met Julez at Importfest the other month.  We connected since day 1 of corresponding.  She asked me to party with her during my visit to Toronto.  Let’s just say she knows how to par-tay!  Julez is HOT! Julez is SEXY! Julez has an energy about her that you will want to be around!


Follow my girl @JulezLIVE !!!!!!


We’re Coming Over!

I’ll meet you there!!!!

Brand new episodes … every week! Watch it all on !!!!!!!!

YAZOOK Official Pre-Season V-Blog!

August 1st marks the first day of the Official Pre-Season launch for YAZOOK! More shows will be added to the lineup in a couple weeks!  Meanwhile, hope you enjoy our 3 new pre-season shows on … !!!

Get Ready!

Get ready for NATASHA YI-TUBE on the YAZOOK network … August 1st …


What is YAZOOK?


JV and I are launching YAZOOK August of 2011. It is an Internet TV Station that will start with 3 shows that we will host. We will announce a full line-up in 2012. In the meantime, get ready for YAZOOK!!!


Green Lantern Game Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with DC Comics & Warner Brother Movies to give away a collector’s item from the GREEN LANTERN movie! Go to: … click LIKE … more instructions to follow! Good Luck!


Hands down, the cutest video EVER!! Awwwwwwww


Badass Beatboxer!