Buns ..

How many buns do you count? 😛

My Latest Whip

I read a story on JV’s blog about a $500,000 ride someone just purchased. To be honest, after looking at that photo on his blog, I would have to say that car is BORING!!! Here’s the ride I would get. Yes, curling iron in hand and all!  😛

iPhone self-photo pix

I almost missed my flight because I had to see how much weight I can afford to put on during my vacation. 😛

Posturepedic Mattress

Check out my new Posturepedic Mattress 😛


Latest Obsession … part 2

…joyriding all over town … this time, it’s all about the white Koenigsegg Agera R!  LOL 😛

Here’s a photo of last month’s joyride vehicle … the black Koenigsegg CCX … hahahahaha 😛

1 Girl Lingerie Flash Mob!

Follow the One Girl Lingerie Flash Mob!!!


Once A Month …

“This is the face that shows up once a month.  If you see this face, don’t ask me what’s wrong. Just leave me alone or sometimes ice cream helps.” -Natasha Yi

Get Your TUG On!

Get your ‘tug’ on!! LMAO

Tessa & Miss Tickles Fan Page

Please give a dog a bone … LIKE her new facebook page!    Facebook.com/CrazyBeyotches

I’ve been FRAMED!

“I’ve been framed!” – Miss Tickles

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

I found Miss Tickles’ cousin!

I found Miss Tickles’ cousin!!!!!!


My dog, Miss Tickles, almost does the exact same thing as this dog!

People Behaving Badly

Be sure to TiVo, DVR, or just watch 20/20 for an interview with my good friend, Stanley Roberts, talking about the rant from this sassy driver! Watch it this Friday!  #TeamStanleyRoberts



Halloween Costumes for Pets PSA

Gearing up for Halloween

They LOVE dressing up! LOL … They do!! I swear! …they just don’t know it yet. 😛

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed



Twins ? ? ?

Who do YOU look like?? 😀


Movin’ Groovin’ Jammin’ Yum Yum



Oh I’m a movin groovin’ jammin’ singing gummy bear ..
Oh yea …
Ba Ba BiDuBiDuBi Yum Yum!

May BFOTM: Sugar Breezy!


I’ve decided to change my FOM (fan of the month) feature to BFM (best friend of the month). I’ve always felt uncomfortable referring to you as ‘fans’. Although we most likely haven’t met in person, the fact that we semi, cyber hang out, I feel like we are friends. When you really go that extra mile to make me smile, I want you to be my best friend of the month….if that’s okay with you. 😀


Introducing Best Friend of the Month, SUGAR! Sugar wrote me one day and said, “I’m trying to lose a few pounds, any ideas?” I gave her a few pointers, including, “Get on the treadmill!”. She said, “Thanks! I’ll use you as inspiration everyday!” The picture is cute, but the video below is STRAIGHT DEDICATION!


We Don’t Need No Stinking Food! :P

I finally hit up that grocery store place and stocked up the fridge! LOL We don’t need no stinking food! 😛 Just kidding …. I swear there IS food in there. There’s a box of frozen veggie patties in the freezer, spinach, eggs, a few cans of tuna, and some chicken I baked MYSELF in that glass thing on top. 😀 *patting myself on back* Oh .. don’t forget the lovely red apples in the drawer.


Hair Secret #1

“Whipping my hair back and forth – great motion for faster hair drying” – Natasha Yi   😛


Mommy’s Nose is Scary!


Just watch this … you will laugh.


Hockey Coach Strips Down!

fightAfter a Hockey Ref Tackled a Player, the Assistant Coach Protested . . . by Stripping Down and Throwing His Clothes on the Ice

Hockey coaches sometimes throw stuff on the ice when they get angry, but this is ridiculous: A minor league assistant coach in Colorado flipped out when a referee tackled one of his players to keep the player from fighting.

–And in protest, the coach took off his suit jacket, his button-down, his t-shirt, and his shoes, and threw them on the ice, one by one. He got down to just his pants, then he got ejected. (–WARNING: Someone in the crowd yells “kick his ass” at :43.)

Sometimes Ice Cream Helps


This is the face that shows up once a month.  If you see this face, don’t ask me what’s wrong.  Just leave me alone or sometimes ice cream helps.  *GUYS – If you don’t get what I’m talking about … You’re FIRED!  I know the ladies will feel my pain.*




A DRIVE BY – I was shooting (a picture) these cops to see if you could guess what they are parked in front of.  By accident, I shot a dude on his bike.  If you look real closely, I accidentally shot myself! 😮  I’m gonna need a good lawyer to explain that I shot all of these people by accident. 😛


It’s time to get healthy in 2011.  Green Shake time!!  I’ll share the recipe soon.  Stay tuned.



Mac n Cheese

Love me for my amazing noodle … You know you love it! 😛


Parking Failure

Do you think alcohol was involved?  Maybe the driver’s foot fell asleep  …  Watch the entire video ….


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