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I LOVE reading your emails!  Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.  I appreciate all of your support and love.  It means the world to me!

Due to the high volume of emails, I am not able to answer them all. That’s why I created this page. I will pick some of your questions and post my answers here. Be sure to check back often!  Let’s TALK!! 😀

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Smoking Jacket Interview

Talk about talent: Natasha Yi was a senior in high school when she got her first modeling job—posing for Playboy. Since then she’s modeled for various magazines, done a stretch on The Price is Right, and poured a lot into her hugely successful website Currently she’s half of the team behind the episodic mockumentary Black Metal, which you can see at Yazook.TV. For the maximum possible Yi experience, be sure to follow her on Twitter as well.

A nickname I have had: The Paper Monster. I can’t help it, I use a lot of toilet paper every week. I’m a germaphobe so I use a ton of paper towels and napkins too! I’m sure I’ve destroyed a forest or two with my issues.

The worst movie I have ever seen: Was about a car tire that attacked people. I don’t remember what the name of it was. Who would give someone the money to make a movie about a tire?

Try not to stare at: The corners of my feet after a long night on heels. They look like they were in a boxing match. Maybe not that bad but still, don’t be lookin’!

Sexy is: Mostly in a girl’s mind. Make a girl feel confident. Make a girl laugh. Show a girl you are a trustworthy reliable guy that will be there for her and the good sex will follow.

My greatest weakness is: Microwaveable food after 2 am. I can’t stop myself from eating in the middle of the night. It’s why I have to do 2 hours of cardio every day.

I don’t understand why people think I’m: Into girls. Just cuz I like to shower with them, kiss them, and caress them…

Something cool about having boobs is: Getting to shop for awesome bras. Why do guys with man-boobs buy such boring bras?

When I throw a party I make sure to have plenty of: Excuses to tell them to get the fuck out. People don’t know when to leave sometimes. One of my favorite excuses is, “Hey get the fuck out I said!”

The funniest comedian is: Craig Ferguson and Daniel Tosh

I wish people would stop Tweeting about: “The girl that pissed me off today… she knows who she is.” Come on. If you’re talking tough in your tweets then say her name!

The most unpleasant phrase in the English language is: “It is what it is.” PLEASE STOP. That phrase is not saying anything!

A type of ladies’ underwear I don’t enjoy wearing: Used ones. I don’t get friends sharing underwear. Not me!

I will never understand why men: Shout at women as they walk or drive by. Do they really think a girl is gonna say “Oh my God, the way you whistled at me like an animal makes me want to stop the car and do you!”

My most recent wardrobe malfunction was: When I was learning how to surf in Hawaii and after a wave wiped me out, I stood up to talk to the instructor and was completely naked!

My relationship with spectator sports is: Take me to ANY live game. I really get into the energy of live competition. But keeping up with stats gives me zero pleasure.

The most interesting compliment I got was: From an older blonde lady in Texas. She said, “You look cute for a Chinese person.” What? I’m not even Chinese.

Something my father did that still traumatizes me today: I brought home a stray kitten one day for my very own pet. That night, my dad took it to a dumpster. I thought it ran away so I looked and looked, posted reward signs, and made calls everywhere. Someone finally found the cat and brought him back home. That night my dad took him back to the dumpster! I didn’t find out til years later what really happened.

The best thing I learned from an ex-boyfriend was: Not to listen to him so much. Every girl lets at least one guy mess with her head or fill it with his bullshit. Never again!

A grown man should not: Get a tattoo on his lower back.


Rukus Magazine Interview

1. What’s your Ethnicity?

My father is Korean. I don’t know who and what my birth mother’s nationality is … long story.

2. What’s your Zodiac sign?

I’m an Aries on a Pisces cusp. That means I’m a strong fire sign but I can easily swim with the fishes.

3. Where are you originally from?

I was born in Boston. I spent my childhood years bouncing across the nation (Connecticut, Colorado, California) and went to High School in Colorado. Once I turned 18 and was on my own, I headed to Los Angles. I’ve also lived in NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I think that makes me an “official” gypsy girl!

4. Tell us about your days growing up?

Growing up was a weird dynamic. My father was trying to raise 3 girls on his own. It was so hard and frustrating for him that he would just stop talking to us for months at a time. My sisters weren’t the most loving either. We definitely had a love-hate relationship. One of them actually tried to get me in trouble by planting weed in my drawer. HA HA True Story!!

5. What kind of mischief did you get into while growing up?

Wow. I have so many stories. In high school, my best friend found a serious amount of drugs in her “boyfriend’s” closet. We didn’t know what the hell we were doing, but we sold some of it to buy make up and flushed the rest. The boyfriend went nuts trying to figure out how it disappeared.

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

When I was 21, I was suppose to drive out to California from Colorado with $10,000 from my Dad to give to my Aunt. We stopped in Vegas. I got so drunk that I told my friend I’m going to bet it all on red. She told me that I didn’t have the balls. I did it. I’m not going to tell you what happened. If you see me at an appearance in person though, I promise I will tell you. 😛

7. What’s your favorite hobby and why?

I don’t have a favorite hobby at the moment. I get really into stuff, but the moment it could be considered a hobby, I’m bored with it. My last big “thing” was riding motorcycles…not little wussy motorcycles….I like custom-built heavy street machines. I bought one that my friend, Arlen Ness helped me custom built even before I knew how to ride it. I was determined to learn to ride it so I just went for it. It was a lot of fun!

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Please don’t kill me….I like Rebecca Black’s Friday song. 😛

9. Who do you admire?

I admire ALL PEOPLE that move out of their comfort zone to experience life or make a difference in other people’s lives. I have A LOT of respect for Angelina Jolie. I wish people only knew how much of her life is spent in 3rd world countries caring for children. She doesn’t just talk about it for publicity. She is there in the middle of it more often than she is at home. I think most people with that kind of money would be on yachts and vacations 24/7.

10. What’s one of your personal goals?

I’m really excited about starting my own internet television site and developing content for other stations. The site will start with just a few shows, but eventually I will be seeking other talented people and allowing them to express themselves without all the censorship that tv brings. soft launches this summer and will have more programs added 2012. Be sure to check it out. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

11. What do guys compliment you on the most?

Guys compliment me the most of my parallel parking skills. If you ever watched me parallel park, you would have a new appreciation for women drivers. 😛

12. What’s your favorite body part on yourself?

I think most women worry more about what they don’t like about themselves than what they do. You won’t ever hear a woman say, “ God I love my ass, isn’t it amazing?” …And if you do, would you slap her for me? 😛

13. What’s your least favorite body part on yourself?

Don’t you worry bout that buddy!!

14. What do you look for in a guy?

I like someone that makes me laugh. I like a guy that is honest. I like a guy that makes his woman feel special. I think that’s what most girls want, yet it is so hard to find. I also don’t mind someone that can give a killer back massage. 😉

15. What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?

The first thing I notice about a guy is the way he treats other people.

16. What’s your ideal first date?

If a guy picks me up, takes me to meet Justin Timberlake backstage, then leaves us alone, that’s a great guy!! JUST KIDDING!! Just be a gentleman and don’t brag about what kind of car you drive, how much you get paid, or who you know. I don’t care about any of that! Just keep it real and make me smile!

17. What turns you on?

Someone that can speak 3 languages at the same time in 3 different voices 😛 Just kidding! I think making out is a big turn on … it’s so much fun!

18. What turns you off?

Sloppy drunks, Poor hygiene, People who can’t admit when they’re wrong & cockiness

19. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Men in Hollywood that think they can get with girls because of what project they are working on or because they once worked with Quentin Tarantino. SHUT UP!!


Sam Wrote:
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Natasha Responds:

I want to be involved more with the creation of projects. Being in front of the camera is fun, but I feel like if I get involved with my content and other people’s content more form behind the lens (especially with video), I can bring more out of people and change the game a little bit.

Biggest Accomplishment

Jon Wrote:
What is your biggest accomplishment?

Natasha Yi Responds:

To me, my biggest accomplishment is that I created a name/brand for myself without compromising who I am. At 17, I moved alone as a teenager with nothing but my dreams. Honestly, this business is filled with shady deals and temptations. When people look at the cover of so many magazines, they just see a person. But, so often, what they don’t see is how many times that girl did a sexual favor to get a movie or TV role. I hope that I am an inspiration for the next generation of models that you can make a name for yourself with out losing self respect. Sorry if that got a bit serious, but it’s what I’m most proud of.


Sam Wrote:
What’s your hometown?

Natasha Yi Responds:

I was born in Boston.  I spent my childhood years bouncing across the nation (Connecticut, Colorado, California) and went to High School in Colorado.  I’ve also lived in NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I think that makes me an “official” gypsy girl!


Harold Wrote:
What is your fitness regime?

Natasha Yi Responds:

It depends. Lately I am like a yo-yo. One week I will run for an hour, hit the weights for 20 minutes, workout my abs for another 20 minutes and eat as healthy as I possibly can. I’ll look in the mirror by the end of the week and say, “Wow, look at my abs!” Then the next week, I will eat breakfast a few times, have a few lunches, eat a ton of cookies and other snacks, have a big old dinner and then end the night with a box of popsicles.


Harold Wrote:
If you could do 1 illegal thing and suffer no consequences what would it be?

Natasha Yi Responds:

I think it would be cool to rob a bank. I pick a bank because all of the money is insured. I would not want to hurt anyone … but definitely scare a few people. Then a high-speed chase would be cool. I would want it live on t.v. I’d also want someone to call the television stations and say, ” I think that’s Natasha Yi”! Then the next caller would say, ” No man she wouldn’t do something like that!! ” LOL

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