Do so with all your heart …

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”

Beauty of Love …

The beauty of love is in the smile we put on someone else’s face, and asking for nothing in return.

Four Bad First Date Signs . . . That Are Actually Good

If you go out on a first date this weekend and don’t really click with the other person, don’t write them off just yet.  Here’s a list from of four BAD first date signs that can actually be GOOD . . .

#1.)  Your Date Is Really Nervous. Most people are nervous on first dates, so don’t overreact if they seem uptight or their palms are sweaty.  It might even mean they like you.

#2.)  Your Date Is Currently Seeing Other People. If they tell you they’re seeing other people, it just means they’re being upfront and honest, which is good.  Honesty is a requirement for any good relationship.

–On the other hand, if your date is in a SERIOUS relationship with someone, and they’re going behind the other person’s back, that’s obviously different.  Whatever you do, don’t date that person.  Explore them carnally, maybe.  Date . . . no.

#3.)  You Argue. According to, arguing with someone on a first date can actually be a good sign, because it means you’re both passionate.  And that means your relationship will never get boring.

–But if you’re on a first date and you get into a shouting match, by all means, feel free to delete their number.

#4.)  They Start Asking Rapid-Fire Questions. It means they’re probably just trying too hard, which is another sign they like you.  But if they don’t stop, just turn the tables and start asking THEM questions.

–People who ask a lot of questions on first dates are usually much more relaxed by date number two.



Best thing I learned from an ex ….

“The best thing I learned from an ex-boyfriend was not to listen to him so much. Every girl lets at least one guy mess with her head or fill it with his bullshit. Never again!” – quoted from my interview with Girlwatcher

How to make your girl feel special …

How to make your girl feel special = Sing romantic songs to her, even if your voice is horrible!

Keeping Score

Keeping score has no place in a loving and healthy relationship. Relationships are almost never an equal 50/50 split. Trying to achieve this is a waste of time & a potentially destructive practice.



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Most Popular Pet Names

A new survey found the 10 most popular pet names couples use for each other. What do you call your snuggle-muffin? 😛

  1. Darling
  2. Babe/Baby
  3. Love
  4. Sweetheart
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Honey/Hon/Honeybunch
  7. Sweetie/Sweets
  8. Angel
  9. Sugar/Sugarplum
  10. Boo



What Each Kiss Means

–  Kiss on the Stomach: I’m  ready.

–  Kiss on the Forehead: I missed you…

–  Kiss on the Cheek: Long time no see…

–  Kiss on the Hand: You’re mine!

–  Kiss on the Neck: I want to be with you…

–  Kiss on the Shoulder: You mean so much…

–  Kiss on the Lips: I love you


–  Holding Hands: You’re mine.

–  Touching on the Butt: This is mine!

–  Holding you tight pressed against each other: Don’t let go…

–  Looking into each others Eyes: I trust you!

–  Playing with Hair: Let’s fool around.

–  Arms around the Waist: Be close to me.

–  Laughing while Kissing: You are perfect with me!

Six Things You Shouldn’t Reveal on a First Date

It’s important to be honest in a relationship.  But if you’re too honest too soon, it can kill your chances of STARTING a relationship.  So here’s a list of six things you’re not supposed to reveal on a first date . . . according to Rich Goose, the chairman for something called the Society of Single Professionals.  

#1 –  Your Age.  It’s rude for the other person to ask . . . especially if they’re a guy . . . so he probably won’t.  And you don’t have to offer it up either.  If you’re slightly older than they think you are, it probably won’t matter by date four or five.

But according to Goose, quote, “Every man has a number in his head.”  And if he finds out too early that you’re older than he thinks you are, he might write you off.

#2 –  That You’re Unemployed.
  If they ask what you do, it’s okay to say you’re between jobs, and downplay it as much as you can.  A LOT of people are out of work right now, but it’s obviously still a big red flag on a first date.

#3 –  An Illness.
  There’s no reason to talk about your health problems on a first date, or even a second date.  And if your problems are so severe that they’re life-changing, maybe you shouldn’t be dating new people just yet.

#4 – An Addiction.  If you’re a smoker, go ahead and tell them, because they’ll find out anyway.  But you definitely shouldn’t mention you come from a long line of alcoholics.

#5 – That You’ve Cheated on Someone.  On a first date, it’s best to not talk about your exes AT ALL.  So definitely don’t mention that you slept around on someone.  Even if the other person was unfaithful FIRST, you’ll still look like a chronic cheater.

#6 – That You Want to Get Married Soon.
  If you’re a guy, it MIGHT scare her off.  If you’re a woman, it’ll DEFINITELY scare him off.

5 Things You Should Never Talk About in a Wedding Toast

Here’s a list of the top five topics you should NEVER talk about in a wedding toast.

#1 – The Bride or Groom’s Past Relationships. Don’t do it, even if you’re saying something nice. Comparing your friend’s new spouse to some reject from five years ago might get a laugh. But it also might make things uncomfortable.

Someone’s wedding day should be about their NEW relationship, not their old ones.

#2 – Money. That includes saying something nice like, “Wow, this must have cost a FORTUNE!” The thing is, if it LOOKS like it cost a fortune, it did. And at least one person in the room is probably stressed about it.

So leave the money aspect out of the toast, and just talk about how BEAUTIFUL the wedding is.

#3 – Hard Times in the Bride and Groom’s Relationship. A lot of people want their toast to be funny, which is fine. But make sure it’s a toast, not a ROAST. If they broke up ten times before they finally got engaged, leave that detail out.

#4 – Your Own Failed Marriage. There’s no way to bring it up without embarrassing yourself. It just makes you seem kind of pathetic.

#5 – Backhanded Compliments. People do this all the time: They’re just joking, but they say something like, “Wow, I can’t believe someone like JERRY landed someone like YOU.”

JERRY might think it’s funny. But HER side of the family might be offended, because you’re suggesting she just married a loser.

Five Things You Should Do While You’re Single has a list of things you should do while you’re SINGLE.  And each thing is sort of designed to help you in your NEXT relationship.  Here are the top five . . .

#1.)  TRAVEL ALONE. It helps you build self-confidence, because you have to make every decision yourself.  And learning to be more independent can help you in your next relationship, because being TOO dependant on other people can be a turn off.

#2.)  STAY OUT ALL NIGHT. Just not EVERY night.  But you have to be a LITTLE wild when you’re single, or you’ll regret it. Because once you’re with someone again, you won’t be ABLE to do whatever you want.


#3.)  LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. So, if your ex was the one who did all the cooking and cleaning, don’t become a slob once you’re single.

#4.)  SPEND A WEEKEND WITH A MARRIED COUPLE YOUR OWN AGE. says spending 48 hours with a real couple will remind you that relationships aren’t perfect.  And then you won’t rush into a BAD one.

–And if your friends come off like some kind of perfect DREAM couple . . . don’t be fooled, and rush into another relationship even FASTER.  Because people are usually on their best behavior when they have visitors.

#5.)  STAY SINGLE FOR AT LEAST THREE MONTHS. According to, that’s how long you need to really process a break-up.  Otherwise, your next relationship won’t be any better.

–It shouldn’t really be a RULE though, because you might meet someone TOMORROW.  But the point is, if you just hop from one relationship to the next, you won’t give yourself enough time to reflect on why your last relationship failed.


Men are from Mars

A woman will do things for her man because making him happy makes her happy.
A woman wants you to do things for her ONLY if you WANT to do it for her.
A woman just wants to know the truth.
A woman will do what it takes to get things done.

A man will do things for his lady because he doesn’t want to get in trouble.
A man wants you to do things for him because that’s what he wants.
A man just wants to feel good.
A man wants convenience.

Reasons Why He/She Dumped You


According to the latest issue of “Women’s Health” magazine, there are THREE reasons why women break up with men.  They are:

#1.) He changed

#2.) They were no longer compatible as a couple

#3.) And he cheated

-But, according to a writer over at Yahoo Shine, there are 11 different reasons why men break up with women.  They are:

#1.) He got bored

#2.) One person was more serious about the relationship than the other

#3.) He burned out on the relationship

#4.) He was tempted to cheat

#5.) All his friends broke up with their girlfriends

#6.) Their lives were moving in different directions

#7.) He was feeling selfish

#8.) He misread his own feelings

#9.) His friends or family didn’t like her

#10.) He was starting to take her for granted

#11.) She was too negative

#12.) . . . or . . .  😛

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