It’s important to be honest in a relationship.  But if you’re too honest too soon, it can kill your chances of STARTING a relationship.  So here’s a list of six things you’re not supposed to reveal on a first date . . . according to Rich Goose, the chairman for something called the Society of Single Professionals.  

#1 –  Your Age.  It’s rude for the other person to ask . . . especially if they’re a guy . . . so he probably won’t.  And you don’t have to offer it up either.  If you’re slightly older than they think you are, it probably won’t matter by date four or five.

But according to Goose, quote, “Every man has a number in his head.”  And if he finds out too early that you’re older than he thinks you are, he might write you off.

#2 –  That You’re Unemployed.
  If they ask what you do, it’s okay to say you’re between jobs, and downplay it as much as you can.  A LOT of people are out of work right now, but it’s obviously still a big red flag on a first date.

#3 –  An Illness.
  There’s no reason to talk about your health problems on a first date, or even a second date.  And if your problems are so severe that they’re life-changing, maybe you shouldn’t be dating new people just yet.

#4 – An Addiction.  If you’re a smoker, go ahead and tell them, because they’ll find out anyway.  But you definitely shouldn’t mention you come from a long line of alcoholics.

#5 – That You’ve Cheated on Someone.  On a first date, it’s best to not talk about your exes AT ALL.  So definitely don’t mention that you slept around on someone.  Even if the other person was unfaithful FIRST, you’ll still look like a chronic cheater.

#6 – That You Want to Get Married Soon.
  If you’re a guy, it MIGHT scare her off.  If you’re a woman, it’ll DEFINITELY scare him off.