Fevur Painting

Allan aka ‘fevur’ was so kind to send me this beautiful painting. Thank you Allan! I love it!!

Ivan Hoo Artwork

Here’s an amazing realistic charcoal drawing by the talented Ivan Hoo. He was kind enough to send me the original! Thank you Ivan!!

Charcoal & Pencil

Check out this crazy realistic charcoal & pencil drawing by the incredible Ivan Hoo

Painting by Allan

Here’s a painting by Allan!

Evolution of the Fairy

Photo taken by Lisa Boyle
Painting by Wendy Mitchell

Miss Mindful

Check out what I just got in the mail!! I’m SOO excited! ORIGINAL paintings from Jessica Kim ask Miss Mindful!  She goes by ‘missmindful’ on facebook & instagram. Be sure to check out her feed! You will LOVE it!! I know I do. It’s my favorite feed to visit .. cheers me up! 😀 THANK YOU JESSICA!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Me & my Crazy Beyotches

Here’s one of my favorite drawings from NoCashComics of me and my girls, The Crazy Beyotches!


Here’s another one of my favorite paintings by the amazing Janesko!


Visit Janesko’s Fan page for more ~> https://www.facebook.com/jenniferjanesko


Ric Frane

More of my favorite paintings by the talented Ric Frane



Check out this painting by the talented Michael Calandra

Artwork by Darin Michau

Here’s an art piece Darin created inspired by my Show Magazine cover.

Me & My Furry Bikini

Me in my furry bikini by the talented JANESKO!   I LOVE Janesko and so will you!   Be sure to stop by and say hello over at her Facebook Page!  Check out the latest pieces you can own now!



Check out the latest artwork from the talented and amazing JANESKO!  Be sure to stop by her facebook page and say hello. 🙂  Be sure to visit Janesko’s auction and make your bid to own the original graphite study of “Natasha Yi Bed”.




Smile of the Year!

Just opened a little surprise I got in the mail from the wonderful NoCashComics . As you can imagine, this made me smile and skip like a little girl.  😀   Be sure to check out NoCashComics !  <3




Hmmm . . . I don’t know… do you think he was able to capture our energy in the drawing? LOL 🙂




Watercolor by Darin Michau

Darin is not only a master cartoonist, he’s also amazing with watercolor!  Check out his latest painting.  😀

Artwork from Darin

Check out this cartoon from the talented Darin Michau …. inspired from my latest American Curves Magazine layout!


KICK-ASS the movie opens today!  Can’t wait to watch it!!    OH! Be sure to look out for the next AMAZING super hero . . . Sweater Puppies Girl . . . Wait!  That’s me ! ! !  LOL  . . . My hero powers are my two killer sweater puppies . . . the dogs . . . . . groowwwwwl.   You don’t want to mess with us!!   Thanks to my online friend, G. Webber, for turning me into a KICK ASS SUPER HERO!!!!!!!! 😀

Wallpaper: To The Soda Pop Shop

Follow my journey to the soda pop shop!

You can download this wallpaper in these sizes :  800150020002400

Natasha’s Avatar

The box office hit ‘Avatar’ has become one of the highest grossing films ever!  It’s an amazing movie.   I LOVED it!!

I’ve been tweeting about how I want my own Avatar.  Well, my wish came true!! WOO HOOO!!!!! Check out my very own Avatar created by Jason Peterson!  😉  Thanks Jason!!

****Send in your ‘Natasha Avatar’ design for your chance to win a FREE autographed PAS magazine! natasha@natashayi.com ****

Fan Art

Check out these cool anime style artwork from Designz by D!