Yahoo’s food section has a list of the ten rudest things people do when they eat. Some are standards, like double-dipping and chewing with your mouth open. But there are also a few things you probably wouldn’t think of . . .


#1.)SPLITTING SOMETHING, THEN TAKING THE BIGGEST HALF. If you’re the one cutting the food in half, you don’t get to choose which half is yours. You have to offer both halves to the other person and let THEM choose.

–If you made a fair cut down the middle, it shouldn’t matter to you if they pick first.

#2.) ASKING FOR THE FIRST OR LAST BITE OF ANYTHING. If you do, don’t expect to get it. The first and last bites of a meal are the only ones that are sacred.

#3.) STEALING CHEESE OFF THE PIZZA. When the cheese from another slice gets stuck to yours and leaves a naked dough triangle behind, it’s your responsibility to put that cheese back. But cheese that oozes into the MIDDLE of the pizza is fair game.

#4.) SAMPLING CHOCOLATES IN THE BOX. Every box of chocolates has a certain type with a certain filling you don’t like. But if you bite into one by mistake, DON’T PUT IT BACK. Either choke it down, find someone else to eat it, or throw it away.

#5.) TAKING A CRUSTLESS BITE OUT OF SOMEONE ELSE’S SANDWICH. If someone hands you half a sandwich, and they expect to get it BACK, don’t bite the middle. First of all, there’s something about it that’s just nasty.

–But also, it’s everybody’s favorite bite. The part with no crust. And if someone’s nice enough to offer you a bite of their sandwich, don’t help yourself to the best part.