Not everyone lives to be 100 years old, but more people are making it to the century mark today than ever before.Think you’ve got a shot?Here are five signs you might live to be 100 …

#1.)YOU DON’T SNORE.Snoring’s a sign of sleep apnea, which means you stop breathing because your throat tissue collapses and blocks your airway.Sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, memory problems, weight gain, and depression.

—And an 18-year study found that people who DON’T have sleep apnea live longer.

#2.)YOU’RE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY.According to a Swedish study of 500 men and women, outgoing people are 50 percent LESS likely to develop dementia.And outgoing people also tended to describe themselves as “not easily stressed.”

#3.)YOU RUN FOR 40 MINUTES A DAY.Researchers at Stanford University tracked runners and non-runners for 21 years and found that middle-aged people who run for a total of five hours a week live longer and function better physically as they age.

#4.)YOU FEEL YOUNG.People who live to be 100 years old tend to FEEL younger than they ARE.According to experts, feeling YOUTHFUL makes you more optimistic, more motivated, and more able to overcome challenges.

—All those things reduce stress, boost your immune system, and lower your risk of disease.

#5.)YOU USE TECHNOLOGY.According to an annual poll of people over the age of 100, many of the oldest people in America send e-mail, Google old friends, and even DATE online.And research shows that using technology keeps you mentally sharp and socially engaged.