Female Mixer – I Do It With My Toes!

Watch me host this birthday party online and get bizzy in the mix! You heard of the “Ones & Twos”? I got MY OWN STYLE on the “Ones & Toes”!!!!!! LOL

I Was Born Here You Dumbass!


Eight Chores That Burn 100 Calories

If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t worry . . . You burn 100 calories in an hour and forty minutes if you just SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING.

–Obviously, that won’t help you get in SHAPE.  But doing more HOUSEWORK might.  Here are ten chores and how long you have to do them to burn 100 calories.  Keep in mind that WALKING SLOWLY burns 100 calories in about 25 minutes.



#7)  IRONING: 45 minutes.

#6)  COOKING: 36 minutes.


#5)  GENERAL HOUSE CLEANING: Just picking up around the house burns 100 calories in about a half an hour.

#4)  VACUUMING: 26 minutes.

#3)  SWEEPING: 22 minutes.  And mopping burns even MORE calories because you have to deal with the heavy bucket of water.


#2)  GARDENING: 20 minutes.

#1)  MOWING THE LAWN: To burn 100 calories, you only have to do it for 14 minutes.  But obviously, that’s only if you have a PUSH mower, not a RIDING mower.


Watercolor by Darin Michau

Darin is not only a master cartoonist, he’s also amazing with watercolor!  Check out his latest painting.  😀

Koreatown’s “Jersey Shore” = K-town

Please tell me it isn’t so!   Oh no . . . They did it.  Here’s a photo of the cast of the Asian Jersey Shore, “K-town”.     I’m not so sure what to think about this.  I have mixed feelings.  I’m Korean, so if this is going to be just a slam on Koreans and make the community look bad, I won’t like it.  But I guess I have to be fair and give it a chance.  Watch the trailer here and tell me what you think.


Operating Outside the Law

Wishing one of my best friends a very Happy Birthday!  LOVE YOU Miss Sherlyn Roy aka The ultimate bad ass!


Watermelon Baby!

I think this baby read my recent blog entry about WATERMELON.


Get It ON!

Thanks for sharing this video Leo! 😉


Double Rainbow

“Double Rainbow! OMG! What does this mean??? Tell me!”

Is this guy on drugs or what? LMAO


My Bodyguard

He’s got my back! 😉

View the video here:

<~ Watch him in action.


My new security guard’s headshot.  He’s been in the biz a long time.


Working Out with Natasha ;)

This morning’s workout . . . .

Find more from the ‘Nat’s Adventures Series’ at www.NatsAdventures.com

Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Men Make


#1 – Ed Hardy Shirts

#2 – Socks With Sandals

#3 – Speedos

#4 – Fanny Packs

#5 – The Hawaiian Shirt

Toy Story 3

I took my niece to watch Toy Story 3 this past weekend. LOVED it!! We saw it at the IMAX in 3D.   I was amazed by all the detail that went into this animation. Incredible work visually and the story was endearing. Ken’s fashion show was hilarious .. LOL .. wish I would’ve watched the first two when it came out!

Regis & Carlton Hair Salons

Look for for me in your local Regis & Carlton Hair Salons!! It’s 9 feet tall so you won’t miss it!! 😀


I am happy to announce my return to one of the biggest shows in North America as Miss Importfest!!!  Meet me for the 10th Year Anniversary at IMPORTFEST in Toronto, CANADA!!!  Visit www.importfest.com for all the details !!  SEE YOU SOON!!!