$1300 Lunch

OMG!!!  I went to lunch today (notice the time and date) and asked for extra turkey on my Quizno’s Bullet Sandwich.  I didn’t know it would cost me over a thousand dollars!!!  To be exact, the total came to $1,313.97.  I’ll be honest, I did also order  a drink…BUT JEEZ!!!  I swear to God, this is not a doctored receipt.  Lesson learned…don’t just sign a sales slip because you are in a hurry.  You might get home and realize you spent over a G on lunch.  I called them and they are closed.

Rolls Royce: Junk in the trunk

Check out the junk in this trunk! 😛

I bet you’re wondering why I ended up in here . . .  Don’t ask  😛

Abs of STEEL! :D

Here’s the proper way to do Twisting Lower Abs.

Adduction Machine Workout

Here are some more demonstrations of various exercises.   These two workouts focus on your thighs. Don’t get hurt tryin’ this move! LOL 😛

Advanced workout of the outer thighs on the Abduction Machine

The Advanced workout of the inner thighs on the Adduction Machine.


KICK-ASS the movie opens today!  Can’t wait to watch it!!    OH! Be sure to look out for the next AMAZING super hero . . . Sweater Puppies Girl . . . Wait!  That’s me ! ! !  LOL  . . . My hero powers are my two killer sweater puppies . . . the dogs . . . . . groowwwwwl.   You don’t want to mess with us!!   Thanks to my online friend, G. Webber, for turning me into a KICK ASS SUPER HERO!!!!!!!! 😀

Sarah Palin Has Earned an Estimated $12 Million Since July

WHAT???????????????????????????????????  Hmmm….   Read this article People Magazine wrote about Sarah Palin’s earnings as Non-Governor:

Resigning as governor of Alaska last year to join the private sector has worked out splendidly – and lucratively – for Sarah Palin.

The 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate has earned at least $12 million, and probably more than that, since leaving office at end of July, according to an estimate by ABC News.

That’s mostly thanks to TV and book deals and lots of speaking appearances worth five and six figures each. ABC says its estimate, based on public records and news accounts, is conservative – and that the actual number is “probably much higher.”

Can You Feel The LOVE?

Come into my bedroom and feel the LOVE for one of my sweeties . . . Miss Tickles <3 <3 <3

Taiwanese Lin Yu Chun Sings!

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Lin’s amazing vocals. Here’s the video of Lin singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” for a talent show.


Speed Dating

It goes down this summer!  I play a small role in Speed Dating — the movie.  DON’T MISS IT!!
Check out theater information on their website at Speed-Datingmovie.com

Wallpaper: To The Soda Pop Shop

Follow my journey to the soda pop shop!

You can download this wallpaper in these sizes :  800150020002400


I am such a bum.  Here’s a photo of one of my FAVORITE birthday gifts this year from Don the Dragon . . . yoga pants! He knows me too well!  LOL  I will be posting more bday present favorites soon! Stay tuned!

P.S. – Yes, I’m naked from the waist up. 😛

Celebrity Golf Invitational – April 19th

Support the Boys & Girls Club of Venice/Knockouts For Girls Scholarship Fund by attending our 4th annual Celebrity Golf Tournament!! Click on the flyer for all the info!

Never Ending B-day!

If I look at another cake or dessert, I think I will be sick to my stomach.  LOL …  Click here to view the day of and before my actual birthday.

Here are a few more iPhone photos of some of the ‘events’ that followed my birthday . . .

A surprise party at the bowling alley . . .

Ice Cream Cake!  I couldn’t resist.

Another birthday dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurant with mochi balls to finish off the dinner!

The next day, I had a photoshoot in L.A.  MORE cupcakes from ‘Sprinkles Cupcakes’ waited for me in one of the rooms at the location!  Don’t even ask how I fit into the wardrobe they had for me this day.  :-/

Not a Single Lady

LOL … awwww…