Gift from the Universe?

Last night, I went down to the vending machine to get a soda.   I put in a dime and bottles of diet pepsi came popping out of the machine!  I went back home with 6 bottles of soda for a dime!  I think the universe was trying to give me a gift .. but why do I feel so guilty?  Am I a bad person for taking the soda?  Or was the universe trying to send me a gift and I should graciously accept?

Greatest Prank Fail EVER!

PAY ATTENTION!! This one is really good!   Students told their coach he’d win NCAA tickets if he made a half-court shot blindfolded.  Watch the entire video and listen closely to find out what happened!

“AVATAR” Tops Box Office AGAIN!


“Avatar” held onto the top spot of the box office for its sixth straight week.  “Legion” led the weekend’s new movies at #2, with THE ROCK’S “Tooth Fairy” trailing at #4.  Here are the Top 10 movies in the country . . .

1.)  “Avatar”,  $36 million  (–Up to a total of $553 million in its 6th week.)

2.)  (NEW)  Paul Bettany’s “Legion”,  $18.2 million

3.)  Denzel Washington’s “The Book of Eli”,  $17 million  (–Up to a total of $62 million in its 2nd week.)

4.)  (NEW)  The Rock’s “Tooth Fairy”,  $14.5 million

5.)  “The Lovely Bones”,  $8.8 million  (–Up to a total of $31.6 million in its 7th week.)

6.)  “Sherlock Holmes”,  $7.1 million  (–Up to a total of $192 million in its 5th week.)

7.)  (NEW)  Brendan Frasier’s “Extraordinary Measures”,  $7 million

8.)  “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel”,  $6.5 million  (–Up to a total of $204 million in its 5th week.)

9.)  “It’s Complicated”,  $6.2 million  (–Up to a total of $98.7 million in its 5th week.)

10.)  Jackie Chan’s “The Spy Next Door”,  $4.8 million  (–Up to a total of $18.7 million in its 2nd week.)



It’s more than obvious now that “Avatar” WILL surpass “Titanic” to become the highest-grossing movie in the history.

“Titanic’s” worldwide gross stands at $1.843 billion.  And, as of last night, “Avatar” had raked in $1.841 billion . . . just $2 million shy.  Since “Avatar” had made another $36 million this weekend, it’s a safe bet that it’s got at least another $2 million in it.

“Titanic” is still the highest-grossing movie in the U.S., with $600.8 million.  “Avatar” is only up to $552.8 million.

–But “Avatar” has topped “Titanic” in international box office . . . which means everywhere BUT the U.S.  “Avatar” has $1.29 billion, compared to “Titanic’s” $1.24 billion.


Get Your Tricep Workout on! Woot-Woot!

Get your tricep workout on with Sherlyn Roy and I. Sherlyn is one of my best friends/personal trainer/IFBB Pro Champ! You will be seeing A LOT more of Sher soon … so stay tuned!!

Natasha’s Avatar

The box office hit ‘Avatar’ has become one of the highest grossing films ever!  It’s an amazing movie.   I LOVED it!!

I’ve been tweeting about how I want my own Avatar.  Well, my wish came true!! WOO HOOO!!!!! Check out my very own Avatar created by Jason Peterson!  😉  Thanks Jason!!

****Send in your ‘Natasha Avatar’ design for your chance to win a FREE autographed PAS magazine! ****

Rustic Lake House

Download the entire set inside the VIP area!

Why We Rock

Hello My Sweet Friends,

I wanted to explain the inspiration behind this video.  I had learned about two women with breast cancer that were going through a really hard time. They both have kids and they both have lost their jobs do to fighting their illness. Now that their insurance has also run out, they have no way to pay for their treatment and medication.

Someone I know was planning on auctioning off a guitar that Carlos Santana autographed and giving the proceeds to the two mothers. He asked if I would do a photo shoot with the guitar so that the highest bidder could also receive some pictures of me with it.

I then decided to just make a whole fun day out of it and since the centerpiece was the guitar from Santana, I wanted to keep it all in a “rock theme”. That’s why I wore a Kiss bikini and used an ACDC song. The whole shoot was about being sexy but having a rock attitude. The title of the video sums up the project.   Although it’s awesome to occasionally live it up and party like Rock Stars, some special days have a deeper meaning behind “WHY WE ROCK”.



PAS Magazine Cover : on newsstands now!

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of PAS magazine where you will find me on the cover!  More information on the cover release party coming soon!!

Haiti Devastation: PLEASE HELP!

Officials fear more than 100,000 people have died as a result of Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti.  The country’s prime minister said the death toll could be in the hundreds to thousands.

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.  PLEASE!!  PLEASE! Let’s do what we can to help!

Here’s the place to go to find out how you can help Haiti.

Is the BIG one coming?

San Francisco is well known for the cute sea lions that hang out near Pier 39.  Recently, they’ve all disappeared!  This article talks about their theory.  But I know what’s up!  I think they can sense something big is about to hit.. maybe so? maybe not?  Who knows.  We’ve had earthquakes for the past 3 days in the bay area.  Two of them I felt and scared the crap out of me!   Today, a HUGE 6.5 earthquake hit Ferndale, California, which is north of here!  Let’s not forget the earthquake that hit San Diego not that long ago.  Is this all a prelude to the BIG BIG one?  I think so.  If I’m right, I’ll open up  my own psychic business.

I’m just sayin …


Fan Art

Check out these cool anime style artwork from Designz by D!

Best Fails of 2009

Failing this hard is a talent and one we feel is worth celebrating!  Enjoy!

Blog for Charity

It is my GOAL to blog once a week. Hope you enjoy this short video as it was made for charity to help raise money for victims of breast cancer.

Booty Pop!

I worked on lunges at the gym and it reminded me of this video I saw the other day   … LMAO … Do people really wear these??

Enjoy Cherry Coke

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more diligent with my blogging.  I’m not going to say they’re going to be any better.  😛  But I think I might step up the frequency by 2 or 3%.  I know, major increase, huh?!  Let’s start with my first blog of the new year.  What are your thoughts on Cherry Coke?  Do you like it?  Have you tried it?  Would you like to have some right now? 😀

My Biggest Fan!

I’d like you to meet my biggest fan.  🙂   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!