Hello My Sweet Friends,

I wanted to explain the inspiration behind this video.  I had learned about two women with breast cancer that were going through a really hard time. They both have kids and they both have lost their jobs do to fighting their illness. Now that their insurance has also run out, they have no way to pay for their treatment and medication.

Someone I know was planning on auctioning off a guitar that Carlos Santana autographed and giving the proceeds to the two mothers. He asked if I would do a photo shoot with the guitar so that the highest bidder could also receive some pictures of me with it.

I then decided to just make a whole fun day out of it and since the centerpiece was the guitar from Santana, I wanted to keep it all in a “rock theme”. That’s why I wore a Kiss bikini and used an ACDC song. The whole shoot was about being sexy but having a rock attitude. The title of the video sums up the project.   Although it’s awesome to occasionally live it up and party like Rock Stars, some special days have a deeper meaning behind “WHY WE ROCK”.