A Million Photos – Part 2 (YAZOOK’s Yi-Tube)

Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi-Tube’s “A Million Photos – Part 2” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on Yazook.com

“A Million Photos Part 2 highlight some of Natasha’s modeling work with magazines. Take a peek on set during a shoot with one of her favorite photographers as they create art!”

Special thanks to the amazing Tony Chu and his ‘boom’ crew, Christal Clear (makeup/hair), Henry Li (photo assistant) and Tobee Giang (photo assistant).


49er vs Raider FIGHT (YAZOOK V-blog: Week 4)

Quick rundown on YAZOOK.com this week. We also briefly discuss fan violence and safety concerns resulting from the fight between 49er and Raider fans at a recent game from Candlestick Park.


Wallpaper: Sex ‘n Ride

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Sam Wrote:
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Natasha Responds:

I want to be involved more with the creation of projects. Being in front of the camera is fun, but I feel like if I get involved with my content and other people’s content more form behind the lens (especially with video), I can bring more out of people and change the game a little bit.

Biggest Accomplishment

Jon Wrote:
What is your biggest accomplishment?

Natasha Yi Responds:

To me, my biggest accomplishment is that I created a name/brand for myself without compromising who I am. At 17, I moved alone as a teenager with nothing but my dreams. Honestly, this business is filled with shady deals and temptations. When people look at the cover of so many magazines, they just see a person. But, so often, what they don’t see is how many times that girl did a sexual favor to get a movie or TV role. I hope that I am an inspiration for the next generation of models that you can make a name for yourself with out losing self respect. Sorry if that got a bit serious, but it’s what I’m most proud of.


Sam Wrote:
What’s your hometown?

Natasha Yi Responds:

I was born in Boston.  I spent my childhood years bouncing across the nation (Connecticut, Colorado, California) and went to High School in Colorado.  I’ve also lived in NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I think that makes me an “official” gypsy girl!

The Boof Bandit (YAZOOK PROMO)

Watch Black Metal’s THE BOOF BANDIT preview!

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“On the way to breakfast, Natasha complains about a problem she is having with her nose. She explains to JV that someone recently “boofed” next to her. It was so bad that her nose got damaged. JV and Natasha call really bad farts “boofs,” because they believe the person farting must be carrying around something more than s*@t.”


Planet of the Apes SAD Childhood Story (YAZOOK V-Blog: Week 3)

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A Million Photos – Part 1 (YAZOOK’s Yi-Tube)

Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi-Tube’s “A Million Photos – Part 1” on the YAZOOK network. Watch the full episode on http://Yazook.com

Natasha has been a model for as long as she can remember. As a model, you tend to get asked the same interview questions over, and over, and over again. So because of this, at times, Natasha will turn into a monster. Part one of “A Million Photos” will give fans, new and old, a brief look at part of Natasha’s modeling history.

SF Giants Game (YAZOOK V-blog: Week2)

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We’re Coming Over!

I’ll meet you there!!!!

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YAZOOK Official Pre-Season V-Blog!

August 1st marks the first day of the Official Pre-Season launch for YAZOOK! More shows will be added to the lineup in a couple weeks!  Meanwhile, hope you enjoy our 3 new pre-season shows on … http://Yazook.com !!!

August BFOTM: Anthony


Anthony and I became friends through twitter. He always makes my day through his sweet & clever tweets. We finally met the other month during Importfest. I’m happy to call Anthony one of my virtual bff!  If you’re a fellow tweeter, you can follow him.  Guaranteed to make you smile 🙂 ~>  @AjAnthonyB