YUCK!! Germ-Infested!

The Most Germ-Infested Parts of an Airplane Include the Bathroom, the Pillows, the Blankets . . . and the SkyMall Catalog


Here’s some spring travel advice from the people at USA Today:  Next time you’re on an airplane, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.  Or it will kill you.

–They put together this list of the most germ-infested parts of an airplane . . . you know, just to make your air travel experience somehow LESS pleasant than it already is.

#1.)  The bathroom. There are germs on basically every surface, usually including E. coli.  The bathrooms don’t get a full sanitizing between most flights, and the small sink makes it hard for people to properly wash their hands.

#2.)  The tap water. Make sure to ONLY drink bottled water on the plane.  Studies have shown that airplane water filtration techniques still aren’t perfect, so you run the risk of drinking some Mexico-quality water.

#3.)  The free pillows and blankets. Sometimes the airlines will have time to change the pillowcases.  But sometimes they won’t.

–And since about 5% of airline passengers tend to be sick, there IS a chance you’ll get a pillow that just got drooled on by a sick person.

#4.)  The SkyMall catalog. Yes, even the beloved SkyMall catalog is trying to kill you, while it sells you useless lawn ornaments and iPod docks shaped like ’50s diner jukeboxes.  People touch the catalog with their germ-filled hands all the time.


Ten Strangest Requests Dentists Have Ever Heard

Here Are the Ten Strangest Requests Dentists Have Ever Heard

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The Chicago Dental Society just released the results of a survey, where they asked hundreds of dentists to share the STRANGEST requests they’ve ever heard.  And they put together a top ten.  Check ’em out . . .

#10.) Can you pull my tooth without anesthesia?

#9.) Can you wire my mouth shut to help my diet?

#8.) Can you identify this set of dentures?  They were left in the bathroom at work.

#7.) Can I pay you to come to my office every day to floss my teeth?

#6.) Will you pull all of my teeth and give me dentures?

#5.) I just broke off my engagement.  Can you take the diamond from the ring and put it in my tooth?

#4.) Will you give me anesthesia in my lips?  I’m going to get permanent lipstick tattooed on and it will help with the pain.

#3.) Can you do an emergency cleaning so I can go to my high school reunion with a bright smile?

#2.) Can I keep the teeth you pull so I can make a necklace out of them?

#1.) Can you give my dog braces?

Hockey Coach Strips Down!

fightAfter a Hockey Ref Tackled a Player, the Assistant Coach Protested . . . by Stripping Down and Throwing His Clothes on the Ice

Hockey coaches sometimes throw stuff on the ice when they get angry, but this is ridiculous: A minor league assistant coach in Colorado flipped out when a referee tackled one of his players to keep the player from fighting.

–And in protest, the coach took off his suit jacket, his button-down, his t-shirt, and his shoes, and threw them on the ice, one by one. He got down to just his pants, then he got ejected. (–WARNING: Someone in the crowd yells “kick his ass” at :43.)

D-Sport’s 10 BEST Cover Models Issue

Be sure to pick up DSPORT Magazine this month.  I’ve been selected as one of DSPORT’s Top Cover Models!  Thank you DSPORT Magazine!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!



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Defining Vale

Will you be my Valentine?




Sometimes Ice Cream Helps


This is the face that shows up once a month.  If you see this face, don’t ask me what’s wrong.  Just leave me alone or sometimes ice cream helps.  *GUYS – If you don’t get what I’m talking about … You’re FIRED!  I know the ladies will feel my pain.*


Talented Bay Area Artist

Although I’m not originally from Northern California, we all know I have mad love for the Bay Area.  <3  I recently discovered this amazing artist from my all time FAVORITE morning radio show, JV.  Listen and watch the videos below and you will see what I mean.  😀