Four Bad First Date Signs . . . That Are Actually Good

If you go out on a first date this weekend and don’t really click with the other person, don’t write them off just yet.  Here’s a list from of four BAD first date signs that can actually be GOOD . . .

#1.)  Your Date Is Really Nervous. Most people are nervous on first dates, so don’t overreact if they seem uptight or their palms are sweaty.  It might even mean they like you.

#2.)  Your Date Is Currently Seeing Other People. If they tell you they’re seeing other people, it just means they’re being upfront and honest, which is good.  Honesty is a requirement for any good relationship.

–On the other hand, if your date is in a SERIOUS relationship with someone, and they’re going behind the other person’s back, that’s obviously different.  Whatever you do, don’t date that person.  Explore them carnally, maybe.  Date . . . no.

#3.)  You Argue. According to, arguing with someone on a first date can actually be a good sign, because it means you’re both passionate.  And that means your relationship will never get boring.

–But if you’re on a first date and you get into a shouting match, by all means, feel free to delete their number.

#4.)  They Start Asking Rapid-Fire Questions. It means they’re probably just trying too hard, which is another sign they like you.  But if they don’t stop, just turn the tables and start asking THEM questions.

–People who ask a lot of questions on first dates are usually much more relaxed by date number two.



Love is that condition.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

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