Natasha Featured in Iron Man Magazine

Broken Wrist Journal: Half There

This is how I’m feeling right now … half there.


Something KICK ASS (YAZOOK’s Yi-Tube)

Here’s an exclusive preview to Natasha Yi- Tube’s “Something KICK ASS” on the YAZOOK network.

“Get a glimpse of Natasha’s super busy life. You’ll find yourself in the bathroom watching her shower, but you can’t stay long. She needs to hurry up and get ready for something KICK ASS!”

Broken Wrist Journal: The Pain

I’m about done feeling this way already! Not having a good time. 🙁

Broken Wrist Journal: Surgery

I got put back together with a few pins.  Here are a few xrays of my wrist.  Ouch!

Broken Wrist Journal: Xray

Yep … it’s definitely broke!  Here’s a photo of my wrist AFTER I slammed it back in place .. sort of in place at least. :-\

Behind the scene on 187 Video Game

Here are a few behind the scene photos from a video game shoot where I play a female gangster.


To The Fans (YAZOOK’s Black Metal)

Here’s an exclusive preview to Black Metal’s “To The Fans” on the YAZOOK network.

“Natasha has the car wheel on a very rainy day. As JV looks out into the gray, rain-soaked city, he reveals that he is sad. It turns out that JV is not depressed by the weather, but rather his fans. He feels that his fans compared to Natasha’s are a joke.

Special thanks to Janesko, Ric Frane, George Webber of No Cash Comics, Damien Dornford, Jay Trembly, Alan Dyson, Michael Calendra, Darin Michau, Paul Ballard, and all of Natasha’s amazing and talented fans/friends who take the time to create beautiful artwork.”

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September BFOTM: Julez


I met Julez at Importfest the other month.  We connected since day 1 of corresponding.  She asked me to party with her during my visit to Toronto.  Let’s just say she knows how to par-tay!  Julez is HOT! Julez is SEXY! Julez has an energy about her that you will want to be around!


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