187! Don’t mess with Tash!

Well .. well… what do we have here?? Fried spiders for dinner anyone?? 😛 lol … Now I TOLD you I laid down the 187 on these bastards!! LOL…. Okay, if you’ve been following me on twitter or myspace, you guys know that I am the ultimate insect magnet. They LOVE me!! If there’s a mosquito, spider, anything that bites within a mile radius, it’s looking for me!!!!!! I had a few meetings and things to take care of in Hollywood this week, so I crashed at my empty apartment I recently moved out of. I did it cave-girl style!! By cave-girl, I mean on the floor with my clothes and coat as amattressand a towel tented over any bare skin for the fear that some EVIL unwanted critters would attack me! …hmmm…maybe I’m a little paranoid because of the spider that munched on my arm when I glanced down my shoulder earlier that day….hmmmm…okay….getting kinda nutty over here… follow me on twitter!!

The Evidence

See what the evil spiders did to me!  I must have some tasty blood…yum.


Here’s a few shots from one of my lastest shoots.

Australia’s Zoo Weekly Magazine

I’m featured in an international story for Australia’s Zoo Weekly Magazine Hottest TV Babes!! WOO HOO!! I’m international baby!!

KO4G’s Celebrity Golf Tournament

KO4G is a non profit organization that builds self-esteem, inspires the human spirit, and promotes physical fitness to people facing challenges throughout the world through the discipline of boxing.  Please join us June 11, 2009 for our Celebrity Golf Tournament!

It’s all about CHU!

I had a chance to shoot with one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Tony Chu.  Let’s just say he is a brilliant mad man! 😛

It took the team 2 hours to strategically place the cheese slices on me… yes, I said cheese! Oh yum!

Tony likes his girls real dirty!

Put yo back into it!

I love you Pam!

View the results of this shoot soon!

American Curves Magazine

I’m featured in this month’s issue of American Curves Magazine.  I had to lay off the ice cream sandwiches and pump some real iron for this shoot.  Guess it paid off .. 8 pages!