Well .. well… what do we have here?? Fried spiders for dinner anyone?? 😛 lol … Now I TOLD you I laid down the 187 on these bastards!! LOL…. Okay, if you’ve been following me on twitter or myspace, you guys know that I am the ultimate insect magnet. They LOVE me!! If there’s a mosquito, spider, anything that bites within a mile radius, it’s looking for me!!!!!! I had a few meetings and things to take care of in Hollywood this week, so I crashed at my empty apartment I recently moved out of. I did it cave-girl style!! By cave-girl, I mean on the floor with my clothes and coat as amattressand a towel tented over any bare skin for the fear that some EVIL unwanted critters would attack me! …hmmm…maybe I’m a little paranoid because of the spider that munched on my arm when I glanced down my shoulder earlier that day….hmmmm…okay….getting kinda nutty over here… follow me on twitter!!