79% of Men Say They’d Be Willing to Lie to Have Sex

Amber Madison is an author who traveled the country, surveying more than 1,000 men for her book “Are All Guys [A-Holes]?” Here are some of her findings . . .

  • 44% of men say they’d take a girl on a few dates, text her frequently, and fake an interest in her . . . just to have sex.
  • 35% of men would take it further, and actually lie about how much commitment they’re willing to offer in order to get sex.
  • Added up, that means 79% of guys are willing to lie to have sex.
  • 8% of the men surveyed said they had no interest in a long-term relationship or even a short-term one, and just wanted sex.
  • And 0.8% said they NEVER plan to get into a relationship.
  • Men ranked humor, intelligence, and niceness ahead of looks.
  • 50% said a woman asking them out is a turn-on, and only 5% said it’s a turn-off.
  • 67% say they like when a woman contacts them between dates and doesn’t wait for them to initiate contact.

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