American Idol does not take care of their people!  I mean, come on… they ONLY gave Simon Cowell a $45 million a year bump in salary!  No wonder Paula left!  Here’s some info I read on JV’s blog:


“American Idol” wouldn’t pay PAULA ABDUL the $10 million a year she wanted … but here’s how much they value SIMON COWELL: They’re in final negotiations to bump his salary up to $45 million. A YEAR. (!!!)

—Seriously. Simon WAS making a mere $36 million a year. The new deal keeps him in the judge’s seat for two seasons past the one they just started filming … which premieres in January.

—Yes, that seems like a RIDICULOUS amount to pay someone. But keep in mind that “Idol” took in $850 million in ad revenue last year.

—RYAN SEACREST just signed a $45 million deal, but it stretches over three years.

(—Is one person worth $45 million a year … even on a show that’s raking in $850 million???)

(—I guess the bigger question is, could “American Idol” survive and still be the RATINGS MONSTER that it is, WITHOUT Simon)