I saw one of my best friend’s ad on the streets of San Francisco.

I got a brand new camera for my birthday.  I was testing it out on my toes. 😛

Still testing … I picked out those red converse. 😛

Is this for real??

Indeed, the dog is real!

I have to admit, I was intimidated at first by this dog’s massive size.  I realized ten seconds into meeting him that he was the sweetest doggie ever!

This dog is WAY TOO COOL!

So many things brought me joy as I was walking around San Francisco.  But hugging this dog was one of my most joyful moments.

Meditating . . . it keeps me at peace.

Just chillin . . . my feet started to ache.

I lost my brush, so I was using my fingers to comb my hair. 😛

Up close and personal . . . does this shot make my nose look big? 😛

After a day of walking the streets of San Francisco, I found this beautiful fountain of water to meditate next to.  It was a great way to end the day!

Thinking about what I should do next …