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Characteristics: Cancer Cusp

01. Gemini/Cancer people are the first to express emotion in any given situation — the first to laugh and the first to tears.

02. Gemini/Cancers tend to have many different interests that they study in great detail.

03. Gemini/Cancer people tend to be more sensitive to the movement of the Moon, their moods changing with the Moon’s passage. Their facility in adapting to new challenges may seem like opportunism, but it is really just a highly intuitive curiosity that leads them to the right people at the right time.

04. Generally domestic and peaceful, Gemini/Cancers often have many friends and acquaintances, and they won’t sit still when loved ones are threatened.

05. Gemini/Cancer people are very intuitive, and their broad-minded outlook and capacity for abstract reasoning enables them to make strong contributions to projects.

06. Emotion is a key part of their lives and is checked and balanced with logic and objectivity. Their awareness and intellectual approach to life is refreshing, and their emotional honesty is something to be admired.

07. Gemini/Cancers have close family ties with their brothers and sisters. They often remain youthful and lighthearted their whole lives.

08. These people have a strong association with food and a willingness to always try something new; they often make excellent cooks.

09. Their many interests make them entertaining and stimulating conversationalists who really love people.

10. Gemini/Cancer people are more likely to be ambidextrous than other signs. Physical exercise and artistic endeavors, written or on canvas, allow them to channel their swirling emotions into productive output.

11. Their love for conversation and food ensures that leisurely dinners with friends are highly enjoyable for them, and their inquisitive and literary orientation means they enjoy mentally challenging pursuits as well.

12. The great strength of the Gemini/Cancer-born is in their blending of intellectual and conversational skills. They have the ability to understand the difficulties their loved ones must work through. Their affectionate nature makes them among the most caring characters of the zodiac.

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Effervescent air and water currents are likely to indicate air and water travel which is acceptable to Gemini. However, Cancer is a home body and is not
comfortable being carried away, at least not all the time. Cancer is emotional while Gemini is intellectual, that is, as far as bits of information is
concerned – information that doesn’t have to be explained. Emotions are not logical but very difficult for the logical mind to deal with if it cannot be
explained. Gemini represents the twins who may be able to turn in both directions, dealing with emotions on one side and logic on the other but “never
the twain shall meet.” Only if you can keep the two separated can they be dealt with. Cancer isn’t really equipped to live with this two faced stranger. What needs to be explained about emotions? There is always a reason for the way you feel. People who don’t understand that are simply insensitive and perhaps uncivilized and cruel. Cancer is very uncomfortable with a stranger in the house, especially an insensitive stranger. With this combination you are likely to grieve in silence. At other times, you may become reckless, throwing caution to the wind and go where “angels fear to tread.” Both sides of this combination, unless carefully blended like hollandaise sauce, can be productive of embarrassing discouragement. You long to be social and friendly with everyone and yet too often others fail to understand your contradictory nature. Once you learn to blend these two dichotomies without jumping from one to the other you can become a real genius at making your emotions appear logical and vice-versa. As Spock said on Star Trek “Sometimes it is logical to be emotional.”