I found this description of an Aries woman the other day … since it’s my birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d post it.   I found this to be pretty accurate.  I’m an Aries on a Pisces cusp, so to get a full description of me, you have to add a Pisces twist to it.   I’ll post another post of a cusp baby in another entry.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES!! 🙂


Aries: The Amorous Nature

If you fall in love with an Aries woman, you’ll never lack for excitement. But are you the kind of man who can handle a full-blooded independent, forceful female? Because that’s what Aries woman is.

This passionate, intense creature can’t give a tepid response. She’s a fully stocked fireplace, with logs, kindling, and paper, waiting for the touch of a match to set her on fire.

In her relations with men she is domineering. You can either accept it or leave. If you stay, you’ve made the first concession on a long road. At the end, you’re likely to find you’ve been molded and shaped to fit her image of what her love should be.

What Aries woman wants, she gets. When a man meets an irresistible force like her, he tends to become a highly movable object.

She needs love and gets more than her share, but no man becomes her lord and master. She meets a man on equal terms. If he offers loyalty, she repays him in kind. If he is untrustworthy, she also repays him in kind.

In love she will be faithful, but she expects total fidelity in return. Her jealousy is rooted in possessiveness. She doesn’t want a lover who has too many other interests. She wants all of him—or nothing at all.

There is an important distinction to make about her jealousy that may be useful in helping to understand her fundamental character. She isn’t jealous because of a feeling of insecurity (the root cause of most jealousy, but because she has to be number one.

The Aries woman finds happiness in a long term relationship. She enjoys sharing everything with a lover and she is highly affectionate, even sentimental. She will be your staunchest ally, fight side by side with you, believe in you, encourage you. She’s a marvelous companion for a man on the way up or fighting to stay at the top because she’ll give him all the strength and determination she has. She’s definitely ambitious.

When she does not feel she is loved she can become shrill and demanding. Above all, she won’t tolerate being ignored or neglected. The straight road to perdition is a relationship with an unhappy Aries woman.

She wants to be understood and appreciated for her unique qualities. If you handle her with tact and give her the admiration she needs, this vivacious, active, mischievous, sensual, fascinating woman will do anything you ask.