Aries on Pisces Cusp . . . March 21st – March 25th

The dynamic, forceful, audacious, candid, and often confrontational Aries-from-Pisces person lives a rich inner life where those mystical Pisces interests are nurtured and cultivated … and will show a distinctly spiritual perspective where “going the extra mile” to help another is also one of the rules he lives by.

— Possess the dreaminess, active fantasy, quietude and sensitivity inherent in Pisces
— Possess the uncomplicated and fiery forwardness inherent in Aries —
— Unusually direct in approach to life —
— Outspoken…which can be both admired and misunderstood –
— Refusal to be denied —
— Personal belief that they can do no wrong —
— Generally will not change for other people —
— Both “dreamers” and “doers”–
— Resent being analyzed —
— Short on patience —
— Extremely impetuous —