Die Slow Kill Fast





Test Drive

Yep .. me in the driver seat of the Koenigsegg CCX … LOL … I swear I did not photoshop myself in there! LMAO! 😛

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition - natasha

My Latest Obsession

Here’s a photo of my latest obsession … the McLaren F1 !!!!!!  Ooops … wrong car … Scratch that … Okay … got too excited … The Koenigsegg CCX !!! *Screams*  I’m in love. I must have this vehicle. If you have a million lying around and would like to purchase a gift for lil ol me, this would put a big smile on my face. 😀  Thanks Christopher B. for starting this new obsession for me. LOL 😛



Hands down, the cutest video EVER!! Awwwwwwww


May BFOTM: Sugar Breezy!


I’ve decided to change my FOM (fan of the month) feature to BFM (best friend of the month). I’ve always felt uncomfortable referring to you as ‘fans’. Although we most likely haven’t met in person, the fact that we semi, cyber hang out, I feel like we are friends. When you really go that extra mile to make me smile, I want you to be my best friend of the month….if that’s okay with you. 😀


Introducing Best Friend of the Month, SUGAR! Sugar wrote me one day and said, “I’m trying to lose a few pounds, any ideas?” I gave her a few pointers, including, “Get on the treadmill!”. She said, “Thanks! I’ll use you as inspiration everyday!” The picture is cute, but the video below is STRAIGHT DEDICATION!