Moving Day!

I’ve finally arrived.  Well, actually, the photo below was taken at my old place as I was packing.  But I look the same right now unpacking at the new pad.  😛

Tessa has the cutest under-bite, doesn’t she?  Tessa is a worrier.  She’s always worried she will be left behind.  It’s so interesting how unique each animal’s personality can be.

Panic At The Disco

I got cast as a magician’s assistant for the band, Panic At the Disco.  Be sure to look out for me in their next music video called, ‘That Green Gentleman’.  I had so much fun filming this piece.  The great energy from the cast and crew was what really made this job so much fun.  There were about a dozen, or so, cute little kids running around … ‘entertaining me’ …to say the least.  I even got a proposal for marriage!  He got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage … special plastic ring and all!  This was, of course, not part of the video.  I guess being a 7 year old kid, you can get away with breaking a girl’s heart … LOL … The kids were so adorable and a lot of fun.  In the video, the band members transform into toddlers.  That explains all the kids at the shoot.  Well, before I give away the entire video, here are a few shots backstage while we were waiting to film.

Will you be my Valentine?

You think Chris Brown hitting was bad…watch this!

‘Defining Vale’